Saturday, February 25, 2012

Letter 1

Kumusta kayo? I love the mtc its mentally more difficult than boot camp is what they tell us but i get it. I have been made district leader and i get along with everyone in the district. My companion is elder savage from parawon utah. He is an awesome elder he always gets up on time. Tagalog is hard! The way they teach us i feel isn't quite effective but i listen. We are just learning words and phrases. I would like to learn the sentence structure soon! I saw elder edwards shortly after you dropped me off and he comes up for 10 minutes every night and we talk about our day. Friday we taught brother rodan who is a uvu student who is white and doesn't understand ingless. I feel like he might be a RM but we treat him like he is a real catholic investigator. We barely know tagalog but they wanted to plunge us into it. Its humbling but it also makes everyone work harder. Pressure is mabuti or good! Tell toph to bring his scarf when he comes its cold. If you are able to send me a package can you send me my black vans jacket. A couple of plain white tees XL. My throat still hurts so it is tough to pronounce some of the words but the lord really does take care of his missionaries. We have two elders in our disctrict from fiji and thier really funny elders. Elder QaQa and Elder racuro they keep everyone in good spirits i occasionally add a joke in the classroom to lighten the i said tagalog is very difficult. When the fijiin elders met elder edwards. C introuduced himself as my best friend haha which he is! They were amazed that my best friend is in the mtc! they tell me how lucky i am everyday haha. I have also learned how to share in the mtc. Better that is. When you share space and things...not toothbrushes or spoons...people learn to respect you. Lexi and Kylie you don't have companions which is good but dad and mom. Always take care of your companion. An elder insulted my companion the other day when he tried to sit next to him in the cafeteria but we sat down anyways.The elder said your new huh? i can tell, usually new elders don't know where to sit cause this isn't it something along those lines. The rude elder thought he was the bomb. I then in turn gathered he was a state side mission and spoke to him in as much tagalog as i knew. and his companion was all we have been here for one week hahaha. People can mess with me but don't let people disrespect your companion. It wasn't christlike but yeah i have room to improve. My teacher brother mansfield is a great guy. I don't like looking at rock canyon everyday. It reminds me where i am. I am excited to get to the philippines because of that but i am not ready haha. The first night we spoke to real investigators in ingless. It was a forum where any elder could try to talk or ask questions to the investigators. One elder and tried to liken ice cream to religions the man replied ice cream and religion are not the same thing. very awkward lexi...that is a real awkward moment. The man was hispanic and kept on trying to talk to me.. he asked me if i had a godfather after he talked about his kids everyone in the room stared at me. I guess i am darker than the most of people so everyone thinks i am part indian or hispanic. One elder shephard from preston idaho is a good ol boy. milks cows. His girlfriend from back home is half indian...blackfoot he said i look like some of them which i didn't know how to take. haha. Elder savage and i are both going to the baguio mission. Our zone leader is full filipino and i like him a lot. He tries to help me and knows i am trying so he doesn't mind. @duba keep the furry rodent alive. trim her nails with dad and clean her backside when possible. Don't use scissors on the backside.
@lexi think chemistry all day. pretend like you like it. don't ever utter out loud that you hate it or you will. I loved yours and dads letter also send me a picture of connor toph and i with murph in the cowboy get up not the one with my hand on the dogs head
@I love you mom and dad. take care of one another...protect each other. please do not send food.  the work out room is hindi mabuti no good
Kita Kits...mahal kita
Elder Barney