Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Advice

I want to say to duba,clean the mask. My friends sweaty faces and mine as well have been in that. Well lou, I'm happy for you. Lexi don't over think life and the future. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself. I'm 20!  I'm not going to lie i got a little nostalgic last night and realized that im about to free fall in this mission as far as time goes. Mom and dad you're close but wrong. Mom's more close though. My actual release date is feb 5 on my proselyting card. Who knows how that goes....?  When it's that time I'll be begging president monahan for another transfer, but the church doesnt like that anymore. A member took some pictures of my last night of being a teenager. You may not want to share them because they are bad.  Dont worry about the pictures the cell phone is my branch mission leaders phone and we're at the house have a meeting. He took some weird pics. Well we're still fighting for ibds. President called me earlier. Dad i hope your making me a list of movies im missing. No packages have gotten here. I noticed the other day I'll be up in baguio on the 21 of december which is alright because when the world ends (Mayan calendar) I want to be at the highest point I can get. haha  My companion was relieved that i pointed that out to him. Buy a boat is all the advice i got for you. I'm headed to baguio! Well the branch found out i had a birthday yesterday some members sang the birthday song. Well I'm trying to work smart. Helping the home teaching because if it's strong this problem with activity will go bye bye. My companion will love the gifts thanks mom, but i hope you didnt over do it. My comp and I are close we have one huge similarity our love for american movies. Tonight I'm gonna eat the brownies and then head to another house. I dont expect any food, but i hope at the boac family they make me this one dish its like squash, brussel sprouts and other vegetables it's awesome. I think dad that my range of foods that i wont eat is now smaller than yours. I'm 110 percent sure!! But your mission story is pretty bad. We dont have many dinner appointments, so it's all good. Dad i wish we had you in the branch sometimes. They have questions about the ecclesiastical part of the church and i have no idea. It's funny i didnt realize the job of bishop and PEC. When i was a kid i thought it was where all the old guys in the ward went to your office to eat mm's and peanuts and discuss struggling youth in the ward and told jokes. Dad i want you to look for the prophet josephs description of paul the it accurate just curious.
     Love you all ~Elder Barney thanks for the birthday wishes
PS Lexi. did rachel crandell ever recieve my letter i feel like no one is receiving the mail I'm sending. The mail lady hates me because i dont buy the really expensive way to send. Dad im sending a letter to the barneys too. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

My First Earthquake!

Thank for the letters,
I just exchanged the dollars for pisos. The dollar has crashed for sure but the money here is still a lot of money. I dont know when ill use it. I will have a family night on the 26th at the boac home. We will cook the brownies. Well we had an earthquake in baguio. 3 or something on the richtorscale. I was sitting in the middle of companion study and my companion asked me if i was tapping my foot again and shaking the desk. I said no then we realized we had a 10 second shake. It wasnt strong at all but we noticed it. My first earthquake!  Well i had an interesting experience two weeks ago that i forgot to share. We went to contact a indian man named jaswan because he seemed interested. We grabbed a member of the branch presidency and headed out after pday. They call indians here "bumbays". So they asked where the bumbay compound was and we found hundreds of indians in one compound in the middle of a agoo barangay. We found our friend and he told us he wanted to feed us. It was the best food ever. It was like spicy beans and a tortilla thing flat bread and i learned how to say thank you in indian. They all speak tagalog the indians anyways. They told us that we can share our mission haha. Little did we know that they were having a prayer meeting of all the indians so we got roped into an hour and half of listening to them sing in indian. It sounded cool so the last 6 minutes were given to us. I presented the gospel of jesus christ and my companion focused on the atonement. They listened but they are very devoted to their hindu religion. Too bad. Indians would make great church members since they are dedicated. Our sacrament attendance is rolling, but i swear the members are taking turns coming to church. One will come to church and the other stay home to watch the house. I promised to them that the house isnt going anywhere if you come to church. Filipino tradition is that there should be someone always in the house. I'm doing good. We're trying to get a balanced focus. I heard about you girls...Just have fun. Eat pizza and drink chocolate milk for me. Be merry because you're in a great part of life that isnt as hard as it seems. I still struggle in the language, but i understand 95 percent. Here and there they will throw in a word i dont know, but i quickly write it down afterwards. My thanksgiving is my birthday for me haha. I love you all. I'm happy you emailed me and told me about what's going on there in the states. ~elder barney

Monday, November 12, 2012

Geneology...yes they are doing it.

Well i hope i can answer all your questions.
I heard about romney actually im not surprised. Our country is no longer our country or gods country, and when that happens just take a look in the book of mormon. Geneology work...yes they are doing it they are having a hard time. They go to catholic churches and stuff like that for film. It's hard for those that do it and are very faithful. The word has gotten around until that they will increase their sacrament attendance, clean their records, and become more active then the temple will start construction anytime soon. Most are lucky the most skilled genealogist here that i know is back in the 1800's any further than that is really really hard because as a people they are not like the chinese with records. Anyways, I was grateful for the package i dont want to turn 20 at all haha. So about the brownies they dont have ovens here so can i cook it on a stove i want to know. Lexi i am so sorry about everything. I am just going to say this about our family...for some reason that is beyond me. We have been blessed in many ways especially in the gospel, but sometimes so much ignorant hate is grilled up towards us (even in the mission). The only thing that will get you through this is the gospel lexi. Distance yourself from the garbage of high school and if it tries to come close you keep stepping back. People dont have price tags don't let them give you one, especially you lexi and kylie. If you want there is a thing called the baguio beat that you can check out. There is a talk that i listen to from time to time probably the best talk that has ever been given by jeffrey r holland in the mtc. "when you are cast out and spit upon, reviled against and a hiss and a byword know that you are standing with the greatest light the world has ever known the The Lord Jesus Christ!  .... life isnt easy because salvation is not a Cheap Experience...It was never easy for him [Christ] why should it be easy for us?." Everytime I'm rejected i say this to myself!  Dad there is nothing i can say to what you said to me in your email other than the patriarchal blessings have revelation for my family as well as me. God said to me, You have a father and a mother who love you and two sisters and your parents are rearing you in righteousness. I have never doubted your love for me because god, who knows all, promised me himself that you do. There is no apology that you need to give to me. I'm excited to talk to you in a month. I love all the information that you give me. I'm accustomed to the culture kind of. I'm doing everything i can to find a family to baptize for the area. I found one i hope it goes okay. He is a politician. Ricky Camat he is a barangay captain but we made friends with him we will see. Thank you for the picture too. President and Sister monahan came to my church the other day to do interviews. Kind of funny. In the middle of an interview he walks out grabs me and tells me to tell him what this filipino is saying to him. I didn't even know he was there. I was walking to PEC so i asked the filipino where his branch president was. We found him (the branch president was the translater for the temple recommend interview). Then i walked into elders quorum and sister monahan was surrounded by 15 filipino children. I would say while she was showing them pictures of things on her ipad explaining to them in english stuff it was cool to see. She speaks slow and clearly so thats good.  I wont get to go back to baguio until dec 21 but that's alright. I'm glad duba is experiencing my junior high days from the girls point of view. The mission is getting faster and faster somedays i dont have time to think. If we have a lot of appointments its really fast. About the packages i dont need hair gel anymore ever again and thank for everything but the most important thing i will ask for is shaving cream. I think that the cost of shaving cream for them is like us is like 25 bucks. I love you all! Corinthians 4 and 6 were the focuses of presidents talk dad!  It's about countenace or a change of countenance means we have a change of heart~Elder Barney

Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Training.......

So I'm training a filipino from mindanao.  Elder Macabenta. His last name means literally (able to sell), so everyone laughs at him. They say i bet you can sell a lot come down to the palengke and help me out, but they are nice just being funny. He's a good sport. He's from davao. He was born into the convenant he's solid. He's struggling a little bit in tagalog because he is visaya speaking, but he is still better than me. We correct each other sometimes. It is stressful yet he is so laid back and humble. My biggest worry is that he isnt saying what he feels so im always asking him is that okay with you cause i dont want him to go home. A lot of trainees are having a hard time with foreigners especially so president has started a program to help them get into the life. When i cach my companion staring at the calendar. I know what he is thinking about because i was once there so i teach him something or we listen to music actually pa la!  My camera memory card can hold music. I got the package i loved it. I laughed at the pictures and loved the spiderman stuff. Dad i hope your writing the movies I'm missing haha, and did you have a chance to find the book the infinite atonement by tad callister? I like the nutella from the office girls hahah. Well i lived like an amish for this week. My poor trainee arrived on the week of all saints and souls day that means we stay in the house back before 6 because people are nuts and there are lots of ghosts. No electricty. No running water. He had a rough first week but its over. Thanks yeah doob give my address to erik i hope he's on a mission by now. Yeah i love to hear who's on the mission. Cecilia you can write me here on lds mail. ( The rule is family can write and you can email to them. (others I have to send a written letter)  We are blood right, but that stinks that byu wont play utah until 2016. I hope you get a job let me know.  One of our biggest problems is figuring out peoples marriages and coordinating baptismal dates. It was made confusing by president jensen, but i understand now. Here in the pines there is no divorce only annulment which is expensive so they continue living in instead. So they need to be married before they get baptized. It's better to do it on the same day.  

Elder Barney

so here is a picture of the zone shirt im huge and tall and i have sick sword but i have a red afro im on the far right. yeah i thanked the illustrator for his rendition on me. then we had a party for elder rabaca.

New pants and tie..they fit!  Notes in pockets from you guys

  New companion......