Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello there,
Well i your letters made me laugh and then almost brought to tears. I really don't know what to say. Uncle Cecil was very nice us i remember him and i glad the funeral was upbeat despite the circumstances. I have emailed grandma and for me i can only do one thing i have taught faith and fasting to investigators for months now its time i practice what i teach in a very real way. Well this week has been good. I really like the work its really wet but im okay the spiders have left. The package hasnt got here yet im glad lexi got my letter. I hope you liked it lexi i know its not much, but i tried. Well i am teaching my first whole family. The whole family is baptized but momma is holding out. We are blessed to be teaching her now because before she has rejected so many missionaries, and im sure a lot of those who reject my will accept missionaries in the future just on gods timetable. Dad if you could find everything you know about raphael what his name was on earth as a person anything. Just curious. Im not studying deep doctrines in personal study strictly preach my gospel and teaching skills at ang aklat ni mormon. Anyways my companion elder cabautan is from makati his mom is single mom teacher he has one whole sister and many half siblings. anyways he was inactive before but he returned and he has been able to use his background in a way to relate to people im a white kid from usa and people have a very hard time relating me most people dont have both parents and werent born into the covenant and are very very poor. I have spent many nights pondering how can i relate to these people with such an upbringing. The other day with sister hipona i found part of the answer. Americans have a very hard time teaching for relevance because obviously we are in a foreign world with a culture that is very different. During, lesson one principle two, the gospel blesses families I could tell for her she was thinking why does it matter if im mormon with my family im a good catholic. With the help of the spirit i shared the love and beauty of your marriage how there is no vices, adultery, fighting, work interfering with family, and there is a sharing of the duties because of the principles of the gospel and that we are safely sealed as a family in the gospel. She is very interested in the temple sealing and it was the most exciting moment in the mission to be teaching a family that can one day be sealed and support each other. She just wont go to church but we are praying that she will feel in her heart that this skinny white kid and this chubby filipino are telling the truth :). 

Monday, July 23, 2012


Well let me know if you are now forwarding my letters to my teachers thank you! Well its been a really good week. I have learned a lot from some of our new investigators and new less active people that we have found. Dont worry about the news. I like hearing that stuff i only get it once a week. Anyways who is romneys running mate again? So im glad new york was fun. Uhm so i tried "balot" for the first time this week. Not terrible but im not gonna be begging for it. I had an interview with president it was good, eye opening, and he was able to answer my questions other than one. Who is raphael? His name here on earth. I know if there is an answer here on earth you can find it haha. Frederick was baptized it was a night baptism. They turned on the font before the cultural show thought it was filling up slower than expected and they baptized the church. yeah.....good thing the ground is tile. Anyways they cleaned up the tile and the baptism was a sucess. Church the next day was not because for some reason everyone chose the exact same day to be sick and busy so yeah that was scary but next week will be better. Once you get them in the pen they jump out again haha. Anyways president said we have a great companionship and we are effective. He told me that mom went up and talked to him, but he wasnt bothered. He didnt say what she said. I didnt want to be on his radar from the git go...but now i am. Its kind of like a hey were both from arizona so i know where you live, i expect a lot of you, and im gonna keep an eye on you which may be good or bad. Anyways he is not a yankees fan, but a dodgers fan. ayos! He can hang out with the mexis on the west coast thats fine. He said that I was literally an "A"postle which was cool to hear. And he wanted to hear my personal goals for my mission. I had some but i hadnt really written them down so that prompted me to get them written. Im doing good. Its rained pretty good. I was able to teach my first investigator in a family setting yesterday which was Awesome. She finally will listen to the missionaries so we started the lessons. The rest of her family is baptized she was defensive at the beggining like ill listen but ill kinda die a catholic and do i have to be baptized to be one of you. She had a friend that she brought over who was born again and by the end of the discussion the spirit won them over. We answered thier questions using the book of mormon honestly the best lesson i have ever been apart of. The born again will bring her family next time which is unheard of. So the lord is blessing the work. But of course there is always drama in the early days of the church and everything we are working for might get hurt if the members dont repent but our branch pres is good. really good. It is amazing what jealousy can do to a person. But i like the news please dont leave it out please dont. Haha yeah new york doesnt have anything on some of the stuff here. Were definantly safe though i have no doubt. People here are funny a lot of people know the church is right but their so hard headed that they will never convert. Iglesia ni cristo is a problem for us but its all good. Love the spanish i will learn it dad by the end of my life i promise haha. There isnt a reason why i cant in arizona plus i live with a spaniard. Well the baguio mission was selected to do a survey on the internet today. so we got more time on the computer today. He told me that me and him have the same problem. We are too serious and we are always looking for the next thing to get down and forget the moment. It was kind of a backhanded compliment because i have been really working on being more bouncy like a spencer frame and i have gotten really good but i guess i have more room to improve. He said if i go inactive after my mission he has no problem coming to my house and chewing me out. He has softened a bit and is more like a dad than a leader this last week. He said the bagyos or storms are coming and we need to store water. Dont worry i can actually filter any water as in any water. You'd be surprised at the water i have filtered. I havent tried toilet water yet i dont think i will. Well the work is good. A minimum of one baptism for each transfer cycle which is really tough but we can do and we have been given the permission to do it. We just have to baptize smart. And i hope i can say we did. We had special cases ut they were priesthood special cases so yeah good. Well the lyons are nice to do that to give you thier apartment. Yeah so i went running when i was on splits with some americans. One was a football player, the other was swimmer, and a filipino basketball player. they have been training for a while hehe. So they convinced me to run with them. I used their companions shoes and we went jogging. I didnt show off. I tried to talk during the run, but they were intense about it.They were all...i thought you played football in high school I was yeah i did but i was also on the mountain view distance crew haha...and actually now I'm in running shape again. Well i cant dunk a basketball anymore because i dont work out. A lot of walking has just made me skinny but i dont think i have any worms. If i do I'meating for two so its all good. Well Adios, love you all remember Jacob 6:12 Be safe. Good luck d and lou and you too mum. Ulit  Elder Barney

Monday, July 16, 2012



So im here in SM Carmen and yeah basically the whole office is here. Lots of missionaries even president (im sure to keep an eye on everyone) haha. Anyways who is romneys running mate?, is anyone building in the neighborhood?. Im glad that mom, lou, and the doobs made it through camp. I'm doing fine. Thank you for the stories, balita(or news), and the words. We have another baptism on saturday Frederick Merrera! We are trying to build a priesthood base. We are getting some to come back but people are funny sometimes the parents take turns going to church or the people like to do the every other week thing. I'm interested to read the letter of dad about his mission/members. Baptizing is not an issue here....bringing people unto christ is. If i ask a person who were your missionaries a good majority of the active ones forgot who they were until they looked up thier names. Most of the ones who are inactive instantly remember their missionaries first because they got baptized for THEM. Every time i extend a commitment i try to get them to do it for the right reasons and its working. Well i saw the biggest spider i have ever seen in my life the other night haha. I'll try to get a picture. I'm having a hard time getting the pictures from other missionaries if i dont take the pictures on my own camera. Well its been pretty hot and dry for the last couple of days, but i need to buy some rubber shoes for the monsoons. Lexi please keep that kind of news coming thats the kind of stuff that makes me laugh. Well I'm patiently awaiting your letters. Well summer is kind of winding down make the best of it girls. I need to work out today haha i had pizza today for the third time in the mission it was delicious. 150 pesos so sobrang expensive haha its like 3.5 bucks for americans. Well lexi im going to send you a surprise. Yes i know Elder Thompson. Well for the campbell kid...yeah an umbrella, only polyester ties, and start reading chapter 3 of preach my gospel haha. Haha my first day in manila was the craziest day of my life when I arrived. Bus accident, forced-fast all day, random pinoy taking my passport, losing my baggage, missing the van for urdaneta. Fun stuff. Someone really doesn't like elder savage and I. Well im thinking of new food ideas other than rice and meat, and pbj. I'm gonna try mac and hotdogs. I think we will see how long that goes. Maybe egg sandwhich. any ideas? Me and my comp are doing good work with the spirit. Here are the pictures...Love you all. never take the day off. 

~Elder Barney

Monday, July 9, 2012


Thank you for the emails. Well alright president monahan is here and he isn't short. You said he was short. He is really smart, he is all about truly making disciples of christ, he likes baseball, and the trombone. He was in the air force and he was a lawyer. He met and married his wife here. He is a convert never served a mission and Loves the apostle Paul, so yeah it was kind of love at first sight. He wants to learn tagalog and he is self taught in spanish. He was promised by elder oaks that he would be able to speak in Tagalog before he left. He has a lot of work to do haha me as well. He scared a lot of people with his first talk, but i just laughed cause he's just a gold old arizona boy. Thank you for the address. President mentioned President Holmes in his talk that was cool, and he answered some big life questions for me in like 5 minutes of speaking. I cant imagine what else he has in his head and listening to him speak is a great opportunity. I have 1 and half years to listen.. I have zone interviews with him on the 19th and i have prepared some really spiritual questions for him like...who would win in a fight  a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco and are you a boston or a yankees fan. Ha just kiddin but their good questions. Well the work is progressing, the boy who at first was afraid to talk to me, wants me to baptize him. I was shocked. Ishould try to allow his cousin who is preparing for a mission to perform the ordinance either way he's getting baptized. He is scared when we asked him about coffee that is a huge problem here but were getting them to switch to MILO or ENERGEN haha so thier kicking the habits. Well im glad youre having a good summer, and yes lexi summers are only boring if youre boring so get out! Yes i will be sending a letter. Well what's the news with the world? Im not too whole concerned with the sports world unless its something like nash getting traded what!? or big stuff. Like about wars, obama, and all other kinds of evil. Yeah can you give my address to anyone. Who is engaged haha please dont say lots of girls are engaged and not say anything that stuff cracks me up. Thank goodness i dont have to join the dear johned club. Whats the trick to not getting dear dont have a girlfriend haha. Well my tagalog is okay. I can trick people in the province into thinking im fluent. Im doing okay i dont have any pictures im waiting on them. Lexi...Positive attitudes? Well the cliche is you are the only one that controls your attitude no? So yeah easier said than done. There are two types of happiness. worldly and celestial one is burning just on lighter fluid and the other has a nice fire place and an eternity of fire wood and most of the time in campouts it takes awhile to get that nice steady camp fire going. Just like eternal happiness it takes time. Scripture reading, learning, family time, prayers, temple and church attendance. Anyways yes i love watching sports, but what will i do without them after this life only eternal happiness exists there. So don't fill your life with superficial happiness and (if's then's) If i was richer or more handsome or beautiful then...i would be so much more this...yeah. Honestly a good attitude depends on what you are filling your life with. Please dont say you quoted me in your talk Lexi. But yeah we just had two long-faught returned members come back.. im doing good. We have one IBD july 21 Frederick Merrera. Well things are good i want more rain but i better be careful what i wish for. I'm glad chelsea is going to USU awesome. Wish her good luck in track for me maybe ill catch a meet after my mission. Mahal ko kayo at alalahanin ninyong basahin ang aklat ni mormon araw-araw this email was brought to you by ~Kuya Barney
**Oh i was also privileged to confirm Francisco, and two little girls that we baptized this last week. Franciscos was amazing. San quinton is growing because we had two members really old less active members die and then three just joined so yeah we're one up now.  So dad, president monahan loves the apostle paul and talked a lot about him it was awesome for me. How are the barneys doing? How is cecilia doing in the job hunt. Well im sure their slandering us hard over the romney race. President Monahan was talking about it. He is pretty fiery kind of like Elder Holland. He said, "all those that slander our revelation (these iglesia ni cristos and our christian brethren) will NEVER! be able to come between you and your personal connection with heaven..never". He wasn't yelling but it was powerful. Sister monahan is nice. He is pretty intense haha. but i like him. sige Adios

Monday, July 2, 2012


Kamusta sikayo,
 Sige well yeah this week has been rainy. Only class 1 typhoons pretty weak they say haha we're just waiting for a big one to come a long. So no I'm not transferred I'm just apart of the normal transfer schedule which is fine by me. We are having a lot of sucess because the branch is getting really excited about missionary work. Thank you for news i still like to hear the obama part (made me cringe) but the second coming has to start sometime the sooner the better. I have not yet met the new mission president maybe next week. (haha)  I hope you picked a decent picture of me for the newspaper. Well somedays I'm good at the language and somedays I try to expand and get humbled haha but thats alright. I have two americans in my district, so it helps to see where i should be kinda of "markers". They are older than me in the mission. Funny story our ward mission leader sat in cat poop on a chair in the middle of a lesson. Might have been the funniest thing i have seen yet but yeah missionary life is fun. There will be a baptism on the 21st Frederick Merrera and he really came a long way no addictions but just very hard to teach. Not handicapped but just some people take longer but he is really starting to feel more comfortable answering questions. 
I hope camp goes good for you girls. Sorry for scattered email its because i need to look at your email and respond haha. 
Oh dad if you didn't please say thank you to the Barneys for their letter. I hope they're doing well. Well yeah i miss the temple a lot, but i think I will be here for the groundbreaking of the urdaneta temple in 2013 or hopefully sooner. President said before he left, if i havent told you already, I get my journal entries and my emails mixed up a lot haha. But he said stay close to the spirit basically and that's all he could ask for. So yeah president monohan is here (i need to learn to spell his name) and I haven't spoken to a pure american in enhlish in a while and its really awkward cause i have a tendency to use words here and there. You will see in december what i am talking about. Well soon now is lexi's birthday yeah! 17 I dont have much support to send something, but i will bring things home i promise that you and the doobs might like. I hope efy and dance is good for yall.
...sorry double emails...Just put them together please into one long big email haha. Well francisco has not been yet confirmed two weeks straight he has been late for sakremento and its got to stop. But this next week, i think he will get the picture that we show up 30 minutes early for sakremento. This transfer maybe more than two I'm trying to leave the area better than i found it. I dont care if they dont remember me as long as they remember to go to church after I'm long gone. Well we're about to go to a house blessing? A lds one but this lady moved from manila and invited some auxillaries to come and witness the blessing. The branch president said we can all go and there will be food so I'll be there soon. Well im changing my diet to pasta I think and more fruit haha. It is hard to know what to buy because limited money so we have to be smart. Elder Cabauatan lost the cell phone so they will slash his bill, but i think he will be okay he has some reserves and I'll back him. Plus i have that good old butterfield blessing that I won't starve so I'm good if worse comes to worse i can eat crickets like the ilokano. My companion ate one the other night. Well we have developed a couple of ways to get people active and get people to comer back. One is "ambush family home evenings" all the leaders and ward missionaries and some fellowshippers and all go to a less active family with a guitar, some food and we have family night. Sobrang epektibo! The other way to get dads active is if they have a son or daughter that is coming up on baptism we say well either you prepare yourself to baptize or someone else will. Yeah they dont like the idea of strangers or missionaries baptizing their kids, so it's working with some. Some not so much, but yeah Dad said that he developed the sowing seeds project. My two ideas are ambush family home evenings and...i need to coin another name for the other. aAny ideas im open for ideas. I have some really funny pictures to send you I just got to get some from one of the pinoys in my district. Well life is good in san quinton! ~Elder Barney