Monday, August 27, 2012


Mom please please dont send money or cards with money on it. I'm fine im
healthy the weather is really dry for the philippines which is very
odd they said they dont really have trouble with drought though. Well
we have a baptism on sept 1 which im excited for Jerry Sending and
Jelo hernandez so yeah. Zone conference is fast approaching and im
excited to head to urdaneta to hear another president monahan talk. I
saw the last baguio buzz post of president and sis jensen an elder in
my district received it. It was nice but kind strange to read. Well
that is awesome the new bishopric i havent received any packages
lately ill look up elders savage area on the map. We have a basketball
hoop in our house now haha. My companion and I are having lots of fun.
Im glad lexi's doing good she is dating a boy from another school. If
she isnt talking to boys at mountain view of course she wont be taken
to a dance even if she just is talking to them as friends. We went to
the one and the only (i bet)tourist spot in all pangasinan haha earlier.
It was awesome ill try to get some pictures to you its called
batchelor natividad the people there have no clue what a batchelor is
even my, fluent in english companion, im teaching him american slang and
he is teaching my tagalog slang and sometimes ill talk tagalog slang
to the filipino elders and they will say you talk like your from
manila or something. I had to give a talk in church this last sunday.
The president wanted me to talk 15 minutes. They played "how great thou art"
before and i actually didnt use notes because i felt calm about it. I
talked on the temple and i was able to make the talk very applicable
to them like if some people in your family are able to go to the
temple and your not then that is a warning signal to you that after this
life you will left behind as your family walks into the presence of
god for eternity and you stand there not knowing what to do and you
feel the inexpressable horror that that the savior felt in the garden
of Gethsemane. I think it woked up a few people. Some people still are
hard headed to set time aside. It is free in Luzon for families to go
for the first time to be sealed and take out garments FREE but they
still refuse. It is a perfect example of the atonement salvation that is
free but people watch it pass by them for nothing. Kylie dont text
boys! Dylan larsen emailed me. He's awesome ill shoot him a note in a
second. I love the quotes the info every thing please keep it coming. I
love you all and i pray for your happiness and safety. Im getting old in a
couple of months. I'll be 20 and looking back on my life its like a
quick dream and this mission is quick. Adios ~Elder Barney

Monday, August 20, 2012

So this week has been good. No im not transferred i am now the longest stayed missionary in san quintin everyone joked around that its because there hasnt been a zone shirt made yet haha. So yeah i'll get on that. Just preparing a couple of people for baptism and trying to get people not to hide from us when we walk up the path and getting those people to church. What i have learned about people that sa,"if this happens ill go to church" is that what changes when they actually go to church isnt the "if" but the change of heart. Life is always hard. My companion was pretty bold to a brother the other day, but it was good. He said to him, "brother in 10-20 years the same things are going to still be your problem. But you can get the Lords help if you change and come to church to overcome those issues. Working more on sunday or staying home to rest you will still be poor and tired on monday but at least you will be tired and poor with the spirit and more ready to take on the next week. I got the package i loved the letter from dad and the stuff inside. Thank you very much. My teeth were starting to turn yellow now their back to semi normal ....I laughed at some of names of the places in dads mission because almost all of them are in my mission the spanish were pretty clever at naming things here. Well drum roll...i took a nutritionist test at the mall and a height test I'm starting to put weight back on slowly but its coming. I'm now 6' 2''!!! and a 161 lbs so im down 15 from the mtc, but i know i can maintain this for the rest of my mission. The lady was kind of a quack doctor at the mall but she scolded me after my test because i filled out a questionaire and i dont drink milk. She asked why and i said im not used to milk. She tried really hard to speak to me in english and then i spoke back to her in tagalog. Sometimes i let them practice thier english. Well i liked the newspaper. Saw everything and laughed in the beehive article that some lady wrote an article about back rubs in church. I dont know what is better...if me and lexi were fighting or she was giving me a back rub. haha that was funny. I laughed at the article about me and about the snakes. I didnt think you were that worried. actually funny story. After 5 months here in san quintin i realized that there are no snakes until october only spiders which are harmless i have seen two snakes and one was road kill and the catholic church next to our house isnt a catholic church but a another wacky protestant church and the house next door isnt a house for bad women but its called a house of whores by the people. I took it literally they called it that because the girl that lives there has a bad reputation and the dad and mom own a bar in town and the mom was just like the daughter in the past. Its funny how my perspective has changed on all the things in san quinton and in the pilipinas. Well we went to rosales to watch the prophets birthday party it was awesome one of the members let us drive with him in his car. Third time i have gotten to do that in the pilipinas we always use bus and tryke. It was so cool. You should watch it if you havent. The pilipinos laughed hard at the fat opera man but they enjoyed the rest. Thanks for the news about anything and everything. I'm glad grandma is doing better. Well abouty me I'm learning how to play the guitar kind of...our member has a guitar and sometimes for fun he whips it out. My companion is really really good he was in a band before. Well im glad all  my ym friends are serving missions. I'm still trying to figure out the mission and everything but i have a long time to do it. There is a family in my branch that just moved to arizona. I'm pretty sure mesa the viduya family they should know how to speak english. They were the pioneers of the san quinton branch. I just talked to their son a minute ago at the lugawan. Well d. and lou , and the dog are doing good. Work hard but enjoy every second. 

    Please find out how the barneys are doing. I emailed cecilia anyways. Where in my mission is elder savage haha. I hope i answered all the questions. I'll send mom a letter for december but thats still a far way off
    22 years long time. I'm 19 so at least the math is right (its a little ackward when it isnt) haha. But im glad i was born in the covenant. We have a girl that wants to marry her fiance in the temple, but the parents are having trouble preparing for the temple

Monday, August 13, 2012


Please dont load money on a card. I have no idea how i would use it and i dont know how to access my credit card plus i dont want to spend the time to figure it out. I love the packages. The zone leaders called and said they recieved a package. They didnt tell me the name on the package. No i wasnt transferred but a pilipnio from my batch got pulled out with his companion in a four elder area and reassigned twenty minutes away haha. But he said he saw elder savage got transferred. President is keeping everyone really long in thier areas unless he needs us for leadership. I dont know. I'm excited for this next transfer. Well im glad everything is good with grandma that felt good to read that. Well no big storms have came. San quintin is relatively safe. My weight has leveled off so dont worry about my weight. I might have a pooch when i come home, but i decided i will work out better by the end of my mission. I love reading jesus the christ in the morning right when i wake up and i eat oatmeal and chocolate ENERGEN haha.  What was lexi's birthday gift? I guess i get to wait another week before i find out haha in other words dont do that please. I had pineapple, kanin, patatas, and corned beef for lunch today so good haha (i made it). Well dad is a rep for dental conf now so what is your job there? raising money, advertising toothpaste? 9 out of 10 LDS dentists choose COLGATE haha. Well the work is good the members are becoming more organized in the work this sunday we will receive a broadcast from SLC about the prophet at 7 in the morning! haha I am so excited for that (no) but really i am. Conference and broadcasts from salt lake are like the super bowl for us. Well i was sad to hear about don and mark. I want to be like don with all the rabbits when im older. Oh guess what there are tons of rabbits here. They dont eat them either they love them haha. My companion and i have a lot of fun plans for this next transfer so we will see how it goes. Lexi and Ky dont worry about a thing because "every little thang is gonna be alright"...Thank you for the information about romney. please keep it coming. Yeah i havent heard from connor in a while but im sure their doing good. I know that I cant compete for time with ashlynn for toph ill lose hard. They made me teach gospel principles class on sunday on scriptures it actually went well because i felt like i could do it. When i doubt myself i sink always like peter. I always write a quote on my planners for this next transfer it is "I am because god is with me". It might stay that way for the rest of my mission cause i like the quote. Am i being punished because my letters are two short your letters are short hahaha. Well i know if there is something you know i would like to know you usually remember it. I walked by a house the other day and they were watching the olympics..looked like the 400m. I verbally had to tell myself outloud "i hate track!" because i wanted to watch it so bad hahaha. I got hugged by a drunk the other day. That was great he is really nice and he loves me and wants to share stories. I'd love to give a lesson to him but he is always drunk so no way. ETB

Monday, August 6, 2012


We just had our zone activity that was a lot of fun they made me do a protein powder challenge thing as a feat. I ate so much power my mouth was so dry. We had a big lunch thing put on by the bishop of rosales and it was great we extended two more ibd's this week and im starting to learn what works and what doesnt work as far as getting people to stay active! So with the help of the spirit we learned that the branch chooses who stays active. They can be cold or warm to some members so what we did is we asked them who they wanted to save. Kind of like a scripture buddy kind of thing. One person that the branch missionaries will make sure gets to church. I was really interested in their choices their effort will help but it let us know who were the runts of the litter so now we know who to focus on. Uhm yeah transfer day is on friday so im at high risk for transfer president monahan said in zone interviews he doesnt want to transfer me but he said he will listen to the spirit so who knows! I see good in both. Thanks for the bit about raphael it i saw that, but im still curious if anyone  has taken a shot in the dark as to what his earthly name is. Yeah i passed by a tv the other day i saw italy and philippines and kazakhstan battling it out in boxing. But yeah im just looking forward to summer 2014 world cup! Anyways i got three letters today that was exciting one with a picture of lexi and the laurels in it. It was cool i did laugh at the picture of the laurels and some of the comments of the laurels in the letter. I dont know half of the people in that ward hahaha. But it was nice cooley park didnt forget me. Tell them thanks. Happy birthday Lexi ulit! 17 hahah im glad you liked the card yes i still have a personality a little different but its still there. But today is my 6 month mark and it was weird because we have a new elder and i watched him at the activity and i realized that i acted just like him when i first came. Basically unsure about what i was doing im here in the philippines i have prepared 19 years for this but at the same time nothing prepares you perfectly. I felt comfortable at the end of my second transfer in the language, teaching, and with the culture. Some times i still find myself asking elder if something is bastos or rude all the time because thier definition is different 50 percent of the time haha. I did wear a red tie to a funeral which is a big no-no but they didnt say anything because im a JOE haha. 

Haha just in case your worrying about the picture no i wasnt breaking the rules the AP told me that i could that picture was taken a long time ago but on another elders camera, and that is a Calabaw they're the kindest animals in the world and the gun was not a firearm but an airgun ahha. No mom i dont dream in tagalog but i sleep talk in tagalog haha my companion said which was cool. So our two next ibds are sept 1, so i hope im here ADIOS  Love you all.

PS   And dad here's one right back at you. My blood smells of cologne haha thats all i remember matagal na! 
      Feel free to post my pics to facebook i also got news that facebook isnt cool anymore what has happened in only six months??! Dad you dont think i could qualify in the 1500 hundred?? I'm a little hurt hahaha. No its all good. God wanted something else for me. l dont know what ill do but whatever I do i know how to study now and how to effectively study.  I'm starting to understand the spirit in a better way. Im still awaiting your letter dad about your mission. Sometimes i find my self saying would my dad chastise them or would he show more love?  would he be bold right now or how is your teaching style. I dont know how focused they were back then on being a preach my gospel missionary. I have decided that you and i might spend hours talking about missionary work after my mission haha. I have already decided that i will be the best home teacher that i can be and im excited. Well i hope i answered all the questions. Doobie and lou stay strong enjoy school and mom have fun, be safe take care ADIOS ulit  PSS I ate balot! haha its like a 18 day old chicken inside an egg its was awesome haha I'm in SM carmen/rosales right now you can google map my area our on the church website if you want of my area thats cool!