Sunday, March 10, 2013

To Obey is Better Than to Sacrifice

To answer your questions...Mom: girl in tagalog is babae (pronounced bah bah eh) and boy is lalake (prounounced la la key). Well Im doing really good. I liked the pictures Lou, so we have a baptism on the 16th. Which is really exciting. The dad was baptized in the eighties. We found him and he came back to church with his family, so all the rest now will be baptized. President Monahan did something that shocked me the other day. He repealed a rule after adding a whole bunch. We can now email to any girl outside of mission boundaries legally. President has been hard on obedience, but one scripture that he shared to us was great. I think you'll find it in  1 samuel 15:8? To obey is better than to sacrifice. A lot of sins have been committed with good intentions, so we need to be careful and ask ourselves who we're serving. The human mind is an interesting thing. A man can justify even murder and reject the sign of the holy ghost if he fights against it. Dad if your up for some reading then read "day of defense" haha. or maybe you already have. I have been working with the ward to start being more reverent in sacrament. I wish we were allowed to film sacrament in our ward and watch it, or who knows maybe the people in zion are just as equally irreverent and apathetic to the sacrament and their home and visiting teaching. Bishop Andrews emailed me again. He understands that once you have been called to be a bishop youre always a bishop. He's awesome. Well we had apartment checks the other day. That's always fun haha. Mom I'm glad youre safe. I have moments like that too where i feel the spirit guide me away from people who want to harm me or from dangerous situations. Always be worthy of the spirit. Like the leper that returned to jesus ..give thanks! I sure will. The one thing i do every night is prayer for everyone of you. I love you all. Read your scriptures :)

Love elder barney

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