Monday, May 14, 2012


So i beat my first transfer... fiesta is over and i have a new companion and it is cooling down.  Lots of changes. My new companion is Elder Cabauatan from makati city and we're changing this area around. He is very american. It was great to talk to you all and i am grateful for my family (and i hate this keyboard very very much). Elder C (much easier to type) is a pinoy and he plays guitar, likes all the same music as i do, and he is smart. We have one ibd and we might baptize this transfer if the man isn't special case. "Special case" is the worst phrase in the english language. Questions for dad.... hahah I need to know who is Raphael the angel (any information you have on him let me know please please). People bury their dead above the ground here in tomb coffins things.  Looks weird i think it is a spanish thing. Lots of people die here weekly they parade up and down the street after the funeral blaring music so the whole town knows someone died. Well the town fiesta is over so, not as many drunk pinoys are telling me they love me very very much. I actually like them a lot better when they are drunk. Can't teach them though. Well yeah so fiesta is like our fourth of july yeah its crazy. Well i had my first LBM or aka "montezumas revenge issue" kinda.  A member got offended because i tried to put my water in the filter gosh (some of them i want to tell off) so i drank it straight.  I'm fine now.. it wasn't crippling. Good thing doctor barney packed me the white tablets. Yes so well when i come home i dont think i will have a toilet prob. Just letting you know please dont be mad. But its a lot of fun elders are anxious to see how the new mission president will be.  Whatever happens...happens.  I have food money. Yes I eat.. im not eating at the outback steakhouse but i dont go to bed hungry. Well we're having internet problems.  Sorry ill try to send another one adios.
Elder Barney...i like pretzels. 

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