Monday, May 28, 2012


So yeah this week accelerated. We have like 3 super progressing investigators that came out of the blue. I might be able to be at the baptism for one of them for sure. Francisco he is awesome! He asked us in our first lesson... what do i need to give up in my life to be baptized? I think he would have given up his home and everything like Lamoni's father. He is 20. His friend Jerry is also taking the discussions and they are awesome coming to church. Jerry's parents are LA (less active) mormons. He is 19, so we are allowed to baptize him but we will let the spirit choose. It will kill me to know years from now they joined up with "iglesia ni cristo" or denied the faith (who are much much worse than the mga catoliko) Look up "iglesia" they are a awesome bunch to deal with :) Take The gadiantion robbers mix them with jehovah witnesses and you get them. We watched the testaments with them last night it was awesome i might have seen that movie 15 times but i love it. Kohor cracks me up in that movie. Jacob! you are a spectre from the gods. There are some good pick up lines in there. Pinoys love pick up lines alot. Well anyways we are planning to have brother francisco baptized June 23. Man i pray that it goes smoothly. He lives in the mountains very far away from town. Not by the NewPeoplesArmy rebels so dont worry. Well that is the mission work... working with people who dont want to come back to church mostly, but the convert work is fun. The RCLA (recent convert/less actives) work is good. It shows me not what to do when im a parent, and not what to do so i wont fall away. One day i will take these principles and be a ward missionary. I hope to help the LA of the ward. The language is still difficult hahaha. They say im doing great, but i know i could do better but everyone tries to speak in igless to me including my comp. I dont blame him english is fun to him! So what are your summer plans? I have Zone conference in June before pres jensen goes home in Urdaneta Philippines. Yeah so i dont use my account money. My goal is to never have to use it. Im transitioning to filipino food next week in my diet other than member meals. A big step for me! Kasi i shouldn't eat top raman for lunch every meal. They call it pancit cancer here because it is basically all preservatives. Yeah i got rachaels email i need to write back through snail mail and it will cost me big. I need to mail 4 letters. I think it's 40 pisos a pop which kills my budget so yeah it might be a while. So i had my first exchange ever! with guess who? because my comp is the district leader which has maraming perks. The zone leader Elder Lauriaga. He is a former baptist preacher who was baptized. I dont know how old he is but, he is going bald so lets just say he found the gospel later on in life but man he is awesome. It is good to do splits with ZLs you learn so much. A trainee with a ZL hah! Well he told me they might transfer me after this transfer. I dont know how he would know but, he said thats what they do to americans two transfers in their start up area. Im not ready to go but ill do whatever. I refuse to ever ask not to transfer or ask to be transfered mission goals. I think its cool to see what god wants to do with me. I learn alot about how god wants to change me through my companions and my area. We had a big service project at our house today made some adobo and had fun. All the youth came it was good. But we no longer have a jungle in our back yard and guess what? there were no snakes found. Only mangoes! and trash in our backyard jungle! Yeah im excited for Pres. Manahon. I havent had much time with Pres jensen, but just like the cross country kids had coach sawyer and coach alexander and those kids complained with a new coach. The missionaries will complain with new management, but i have been here long enough to get too attached but he is awesome. So dad how close did the 4 by 800 get exactly to our record?  you never said who won state in the 4 by 800? Im glad the record stands, (hahaha) so i can show my kids 15 years from now. Everything before my mission has helped me with what im doing now: Scouts. Family Research. BYU. Our family. Track. Football. Working at Tooth Doctor. Construction. It all ties into my mission. And everything in my mission, and then some, will tie into my life pagkatapos ng misyon ko. It definantly takes patience here, but dad i am working with the members like you said and i have seen the great affects it has on the betterment of the ward. Girls you're awesome just have fun. Judas i wish we would have done more as a family, but just like that country song the next 20 twenty years will be the best years of my life...Im gonna drink some more lemonade and not so many.... hahaha I still have a sense of humor. I will never let that change. Well let me know about romney and the kids who make it on to missions and where their going. Oh mom did you and the moms make it into the magazine? Dad, the city sevilla is a sisters area. So nooooo i wont get assigned there. I will try to get a picture there though. There is a san fernando also. Isn't that an area of yours in Espana? The spanish didn't leave too much behind here in pangasinan hahaha. The people are great but its bukid. A dios
~Elder Barney Lumalaban ako ng mabuting laban

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