Monday, June 11, 2012


This sounds crazy but the following four paragraphs were four separate emails.  It sounds like he lost everything he had typed, and kept trying to send emails over and over...It was as if he wasn't sure what had gone through or not.  Anyway, sorry so short...believe me momma wasn't happy. Ha  If you have a hard time understanding some of his're not alone.  thanks Nicole and Chris

I am sorry I wrote you a nice long letter but the internet here is garbage. I am doing well. Francisco will be baptized on the 23. Love you. I am safe. I got the Barneys letters.
I am sorry to hear about jakelle. We just had a sister in the ward lose a grandson. She is in good spirits though. Love the pictures.
I feel awful I am sorry for the short letter. Tell the Barneys that I got their letters. I will send pictures after zone conference. They might transfer me because when a trainee has two trainers they get transferred… we will see. It is rainy season here, but I am safe. I kind of need contact solution if you happen to send a package. I have enough to last for a while. 
Love the pictures keep them coming please. Dad I need two addresses: Jamie’s and Rachel’s (Jamie Wilcox and Rachel Crandall) thanks from facebook siguro (perhaps), and also look at the scripture Eccles. 6:1 reminds me of your good name story.  Keep working with Doctor James I’m not one for organized religion either, but I am one for God. Did byu win the rugby championship? Who are the missionaries going out and getting called?  Thanks for the stats on president Manahan he seems astig (cool). The language is finally coming. I was taught a lot of wrong stuff in my last transfer haha. Dad when was your first baptism? Like when you performed the ordinance just curious. I won’t be the one baptisizing Francisco his cousin will.  Well I’m not bragging im just curious haha. Canaries? How long were you there? How many areas were you in how long? I want a description of your mission in a letter please hahaha. Dad what is your waist size right now? Or maybe in two years??? Is the better question for a gift hahah. Pacquiao lost hahaha 
 Elder Barney

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