Monday, June 18, 2012


Grabe(Wow) what a week!

I am doing good. Just got back from san nicholas again. They are pulling the
missionaries out of there because of lack of missionaries in the baguio mission. We
need more troops. haha. It is sad to see families so young in the gospel left behind
without any missionaries to help them out. Well i have some sick pictures to send you.  I just got to get it together. I joined a family on a hunt (hahaha) for birds. Well
happy fathers day dad. I am proud to be your only son and I hope that I am doing
missionary work according to the way you did it and in unison with God. Well we had
stake conference this last week and it was good for northern luzon. Elder L. Tom
Perry presided. The stake president said some interesting things to the members that really rang true. He said that because of the lack of family history work in this
area the lord is delaying the ground breaking. (food for thought). I dont know if
that motivated the 200 members that showed up, which makes me sad because the temple in urdaneta would turn this area around. Well the pictures of you guys are great dad looks different darker and thinner. I really don’t "need" anything. Some things that are hard to get here (but don’t rush) are solution, shaving cream, hand sanitizer, tooth brush, tooth paste just simple things id rather not spend money on. I’m really doing good. I’m not exactly in the best shape of my life, but im happy and healthy. People are extremely excited for the new mission pres. I dont know what he will bring,probably different ideas. Francisco is doing good he got through the interview good and we are working with him. He lives very close to the mountains so yeah it is very hard to get to him. We have cleaned out records and suprisingly we need to switch to a more Part member investigator focus because most of the people we are contacting are now saksi or JDubs (Jevovah Witness). We had one sister who told me that and said " po kayo, pwede po ba kaming makapagbahagi ngensahe sa inyo.(can I share a message with you) I said no your a mormon (not a JDub) and can we share a message with you. She allowed us in it was funny because at first she told us she was JDUB then she was back to a inactive mormon by the end of our lesson. Religion is something that people are accustomed to changing four or more times in their lives here. I actually respect the old nanays who have been devoted catholics, then the people who go to churches because they like their churches monthly calendar better than the rest or whatever their reason is. Well this week is president jensens last zone conference and I will get to see elder savage woop woop. How are you all doing mom I hope you stay healthy. I am not scared of anythingI just am put under a lot of stress with the work haha because when I always put to much time into something until it’s not unhealthy. If you want to come herethat is fine. I think moms deserves an answer  haha. I came into thismission with elder savage, and I will leave with him as well. So do whatever his parents do or whatever. I don’t want to hear about stay with them it’s not exactly
safe in manila so be smart. I just want to give the ok in advance so that can you
plan when the time comes around. On a lighter tone hahah funny story there is a goat who follows me everywhere I go haha. The elders say it’s because I am maputi or white haha I’m kind of like the white elder on the other side of heaven here polipoki. I stand out like a sore thumb. I’m kind of exactly like that what the movie that’s how I feel all except the fact I dont have a girlfriend. Yeah the members think I’m a bakla or gay everytime i say that, but I explain im not hahaha. What are my
struggles? haha I dont know. Countless but I’m fine mom. The language is clicking this week but I’m not great yet. I realized that home teaching is missionary work and dad was my first companion.  I am glad that he taught me how to build relationships, ask questions, use scriptures, serve, etc. all the teaching skills.
That is an epiphany of mine. I’m working hard… I love you much!
Sa muli nating Pagkikita (Until we meet again)
Elder Barney

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