Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey family. So yes francisco got baptized then basically no showed for his confirmation yeahh.... next week i hope i am here.  Yes mom megan can have my address anyone can write me. I cant guarantee that i will reply though. SYL (Speak your language) has been hard speaking my language here cause my comp knows fluent english. We just made some adobo for lunch it was good. rainy season is here and im tired of my pamphlets getting wet hahah but its all good. But yes dad we are having so much sucess. The members are dumping refferals into our lap and im getting worried that we have moved away from investigator focus, but our zone leader said for this area that we are healthy 125 total members roughly 80 active and a ton returning compared to Tayug our sister area which is like 700 members 125 active haha. So yes god is moving the work forward now. Good things will happen and i finally understand why missionaries hate the prospect of transferring because you put so much heart into one thing and then it is gone and you get a new thing to work with haha. Anyways i chopped my hair for zone conferencer elder savage is doing good he is looking really white. It was awesome to talk to him again and we still are keeping our fingers crossed that they will place us together or near each other later on in the mission, so who knows. anyways so yeah my hair is great its hot even though its technically winter for them here, and now i get saluted everywhere i go yeah thats why they said in the call packet dont shave your head but... president and sister jensen said my haircut was nice so im in the clear. Anyways i dont have the pictures I want to show you yet they are awesome but i got to get them from another missionary. I met elder dalton at the conference he is nice he spent a lot of time in the missionary recuperation place in manila i heard but he's back. How are my lou and D? Dancing going to vegas sounds fun. Well yeah i feel bad i cant answer all the questions. I read the letters but i forget all the questions anyways love you all much. Story for doobs for sunday school hm....we had a brother in the ward give a blessing to a sister she was very sick, not yet dying, but getting there. He was praying in tagalog a blessing and during the blessing he basically told her that god would relieve the pain and she died. Well some people would say thats awful. The priesthood didn't make her get up and walk nope Heavenly Father brought her home. So just remember that God does what is best for us and we shouldnt question him, but accept it and take the situation and ponder it and pray about it and later down the road in the eternity we will thank Heavenly Father. Maybe it will be thank you Heavenly Father for putting those mean girls in my life because they helped me be more patient and loving or thank you for putting that leader in my life who chastised me because i wouldn't be the man i am today without him. So yeah remember that our goal is for eternity to walk through into the afterlife with our family waiting for us smiling and we embrace them and we then turn to see our elder brother and God. By then we will forget every pain and trial because they are miniscule in comparison to the reward. Don't be sad for the lost moments because of my mission but for the shared moments and the many more after this life and after my mission
 ~Your kuya your anaknalalake 
Elder Barney

so here's me, francisco is the younger one, and his uncle antonio oria, who we got to return to church and he was worthy to baptize his nephew !! and my companion elder cabauatan

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