Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm doing great my email got erased? shoot well ill resend them. I'm
doing good i got to go with elder cabauatan to train the trainers so
either im getting transferred or he is to open an area on sept 21 so
we will see. President surprised us and showed up at our apartment
with the AP's, but they cant fool us. They called to ask what barangay
we lived in and the address so we were ready for them haha. I saw
another snake this week but it was dead i want to see a live one. Well
president is focusing hard on doctrine and getting ready for the day
of defence haha. Well were just trying to push our progressing investigators into IBD's. If elder cabauatan will train here i dont want his trainee to show up like me. No ibd's no success. So i'll prep it up and i have noticed the branch is booming we actually fell short of chairs and reverence in sacrament was a problem
because of how many people were working in tandem with the auxiliaries
and we're going hard at these part member families that are saying they
are waiting. Procrastination is something we have to fight them
with but it's fun. The language is still coming I'm running out of
language study materials which stinks. Well how's doobs and lou? Kylie
and lexi you better not be saying to the boys...this is crazy but
heres my number or call me baby or maybe-carlie jepson somet thing like
that?? Thats always played here on the radio i dont think the boys
here know the meaning of it because they are always yelling it at
me.(?) Dad i read an article in the sept ensign or liahona about the dos
hermanas stake in sevilla spain. The featured author was sister maria
perez sanchez. Do you still have contact with the people there or no? I
never asked. I'm glad dallin is going there. I did tell him he was going to africa. I'm glad utah state won haha. Me homesick? No mom haha. I was after a week in the philippines. There were times when i have been upheld by the spirit, sometimes so many from being too bold before i was withheld because of the language but sometimes matigas and ulo ng less actives they are so hard headed but its all good. I dont want to be 20 yo haha. What am i feeling each night?  Usually great by the end of the night. I need to rest to forget about some
of the parts of the day. My mission is not even close to what i
expected even when i was in the mtc. This isn’t like a cruise
destination spot. This is like the nebraska of the Philippines lots of
fields but i like it. I will miss the members when i am transferred. I
worry sometimes that im not changing as much as I should be or if when
i return home that I’ll be able to do school again. I dont like having
so much future ahead of me..haha. Sharing the gospel is so much easier
when they ask you about it first. There are obvious ways to display our
faith without wearing a "i love mormons shirt", ctr rings, or reading
the book of mormon in public etc. Well i love you all You look at the
calendar and it still reads 2012 but look at it now. I'm 7 months into
my mission and its crazy the first transfer was tough but you just become attached to the growth of the ward, personal, and companionship study.  Well thats all for now folks~

Elder Barney

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