Monday, September 24, 2012


I've been transferred out of pangasinan! I am now a real baguio missionary! Not a pangasinan missionary. The joke here, because most of the mission is in the state of pangasinan, is i served in the pangasinan mission. Anyways im in AGOO, third branch, the place is amazing here im close to the ocean which i want to see. I smelled it in damortis on the way here. The spanish influence is way strong here the catholic church is really enticing. I just want to look inside haha but we have to wear missionary attire on pday, so that would be weird watching the mormon missionaries walking into the cathedral during confession time. Well im glad lexi and kylie are doing great in their areas. The language is fine. I think i will grow a lot this transfer. My new companion is actually from my batch Elder Rabaca from cebu city. Batch means the group you entered with into the mission. The branch has a lot of less actives but the leadership is very strong and the biggest problem here is not getting the people married but keeping them married. The language is good. I'll be here for about six months. I would have to say but here in La Union im fine with that. Its green and awesome. Up north more there is a place called vegan which is a pure spanish style town but its in the laoag mission. I'll probably spend christmas here so im happy.  I like my district leader he served in iraq. Elder Purcell from america samoa before he came on a mission i have a lot of friends in this area. The members are nice they try to grab my nose because its sobrang matangos "very pointy". I'm glad the rabbit is alive haha. Dallin emailed me i laughed so hard he will have fun in his mission. Kylie i dont have a picture yet but i love the yarn squares you sent me. They are on my study desk. I'll bring them back you can have one ill have the other ayos ba? oh yeah if people from san quintin try to add me on facebook thats okay! If they start writing on my wall thats weird but yeah. I was surprised when i left at some of the reactions because of the position of me leaving i got a lot of unprogressing investigators to open up for more lessons and i got alot of presents. I had to leave a lot behind there. I thanked everyone for the food. Here in my new area the apartment is very small, but very clean and very nice. No cobwebs this time and my companion is an amazing cook just like home. He cooks and i clean and we half the budget on lunch. I love all the news any kind so please keep it coming. I love the pictures duba looks old. Lexi you can date but tell the guys to keep their hands off!!  Elder Barney

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