Monday, September 3, 2012


Well no i didnt feel the quake havent even heard of it, but i just ate pizza hut and it was delicious. Some crazy white biker guy walked into national bookstore like a white trash apache junction guy with biker boots and a white trash shirt came up poked my pilipino zone leader in the stomach grabbed me by the shoulder and whispered in my ear, "i think i know where your from just by lookin at cha".  I said oh really where am i from? He said utah usof a. I said nope I'm from arizona then he said mesa it is then? I said yeah then he said east mesa huh i said yup and he was all how long you live there? I said 2000-2012 and he said you probably saw me when you was a boy. I used to drive the garbage truck there until 2002, but i like it here they dont got any road sense but i have a cheap house for only 12000 dollars. All this was happening while my companion was right there. He turns to my companion and said you look like one of those navajoes haha. He turns back to me yeah you know them huh and i laughed and my companion was all whats a navajo i then turned back to him and explained its a lamanite my friend was all what??! My comp is fluent in english, so they talked anyways. I apologized to my companion after and explained that not all americans are like that. He totally made fun of them. My comp is used to bumping into creepy old american dudes here though. Anyways on another note i got grandmas package that was awesome. Jerry and Jelo were baptized, so now the challenge is to continue the sucess time to replant. President will surpise attack my apartment soon, so im prepping. Thank you for every bit of news. Dallin emailed me that was good to hear from him. Dad i have a question has the pilipino peso ever been more than the american dollar? curious i exchanged some dollars today the rate is down to 41. Sounds like america is doing great haha. Yes were allowed to read the infinite atonement because tad callister set sister monahan apart haha he said jokingly to me. I love the news every bit. Dallin said someone will move in next to us dangit my fort!? Dad help them save the fort help them haha. My companion is getting his bible prepped. The saksi ni hevoah or the JDUBS are getting active in the area. The jdubs here are brash but they have been thrashed my mormon missionaries in the past so they have been taught to avoid us kind of not to make a scene but with our new finding focus we are running into more and more and more manila attitudes very prideful and ignorant. I use 2 nephi chapter 29 it hasnt failed me once. No investigator or person can deny the truth of the chapter. I love it!! I hope i answered most of the questions if i didnt i read them but forgot to answer. I love you all im doing fine there are some members here that might move to arizona, so i might meet up with them after the mission. Its safe here in pangasinan anyways adios ~Elder Barney

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