Monday, January 21, 2013

How Do I Cry Repentance When I Don't Have a Voice?

I loved the emails. Yeah i knew grandpa's birthday was soon and i cant forget the birthday of aunt jani. I know its some time in this month haha so happy birthday. Uhm the baptism happened it was good we're still working on dad. Transfer day is on friday and either i or elder macabenta will be transferred who knows. I wont be training again because i wasnt called into the "train the trainers" mtg. The baptism was good i am sending some pictures. Sounds like dallin is happy truthfully you just got to get in the field and it will fly by. We are being blessed. Jonah dungan when i first arrived told me i need to respect her religion and now she is counting the days until her baptism and when she and her family all go over to america. I havent said to them but i'd love to witness the sealing there in san diego if we get her and her husband on the right track. Well also in the future if you want to burn me a copy of 17 miracles and put that in the box please haha. We were supposed to have a zone activity today and watch that but yeah one of the elders gave the copy away to a sister going home as remembrance. District conference here is this week. President Monahan will come with a member of the 70, and he may or may not be happy about the progress in the district. I have a feeling it will be more of a chastising visit for the district but not for the missionaries. Wow dad thats great high priest group leader. What deep church issues will you tackle first? Where is cain, the three nephites and john the beloved? maybe the adamic alphabet or how long it takes to high to kolob? I'm excited to find out the mysteries of the kingdom in your next email. I have no voice... good thing Im emailing to you and not calling. How do i cry repentance when i dont have a voice haha. Everyone in the branch thinks its the sign I'm being transferred. Like Zacharias i cant speak. I'ts getting better haha thats great about the house. Here when it stinks we look for the dead rat because yeah... thats usually what stinks. I love you all. Take care i may or may not be able to continue this letter....EB

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