Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey Family!
This week has been great. I got to go on exchanges and i will go on exchanges again on tuesday with the district leader in buaung. I forget how they spell it up there but supposedly their apartment and area is awesome and im excited to go and learn. Mom i took a picture of the christmas tree in our house. I might leave it for the next elders in the apartment, so they can have the spirit of christmas all the year. Well yeah i like news...I'm glad brent kleinman got approved again. Dad i hope your logging into my facebook every so often because i heard all those pictures will be lost if you dont every six months so please save those pictures. Some are good to have when im old and fat and i can show my kids that i really used to be on the mens toro distance crew. Kylie read the liahona. Theres an article about you on page 58 the january addition. Dont be mad haha i know its not about you, but i laughed when i saw the name kylie with the exact name. If it makes you feel better they even stated at the beginning that they changed the name for the article haha. Yes dad the ibds are progressing but the dad isnt. The branch is taking some great steps forward and our branch fast was powerful. I feel it wasnt well announced. I hope in february they will teach that this is just as much as a commandment as any other. If you dont believe me look in chapter 3 of preach my gospel under commandments. Well yesterday we had a great lesson with the Camat family. The Sister wont come to church, but we finally got found her concerns why she wont come. When she was feeling the spirit. then we shared the first vision to her. She stopped me before i could finish at first i was thinking what is she doing?? you dont interrupt people when their speaking but im glad she did. She shared a story when she was 14 or so she had a dream where she saw the savior she said he talked to her and she was so scared she ran and hid. She woke up sweating and she then asked us why was i scared. Then she asked can God speak through dreams. We looked at each other my companion and i and we're all opo sister...yes sister. We gave her many reading assignments so the book of mormon is becoming more relevant for her. I felt something when i met them and i dont want to drop them even though she wont come to church because she is a member of a catholic foundation. I really feel like they have been looking for this unlike most people. I know that deep inside that anyone who asks the missionaries to come back deep inside is not satisfied with their religion. There is a reason growing up we never had jehovah witnesses, gideons, or other faiths in our home. We have found the pearl of great price and everything else is just cheap. Well brother lumague is not progressing which is kind of nerve wracking but president mariano will use the spirit to know how to decide who in their family will baptize the two younger children. The mom had really repented and has gotten a change of heart (sister lumague) she asked us to stay and help her with her primary lesson about joseph smiths upbringing. She is putting so much effort into her callings. She is working so much during the week so she can be at church for three hours. She is asking us how to pay tithing and she is doing it and all her kids are as well. Shes doing everything she can. One day brother lumague will see how important this all is to his family and salvation. Mom i thought the letter you sent me was amazing. I'd love to hear more stories like that. I also like your letters too dad. January Barney asked me the other day what do we do on pdays here? Well i like to eat at jollybee because my eyes are now slanted from eating so much rice. We play basketball and monopoly yes we can play monopoly. One elder thought we were gambling the other day until we showed him the money was definantly fake because here in the pines the money is multi colored.
Sorry i was cut from the computer because of a black out. Well president called an emergency zone companionship study. That was fun i thought we were going to get chastised but it ended up being a good experience. This zone and mangaldan zone are the 2 out of the 9 zones here in the baguio mission that are still districts because of many many dumb problems. The adversary works very very hard on the hearts. He gets families that have four sons who have served missions and are sealed to become inactive and return to the catholic church. I guess that's what happens when youre active in this church but not active in the gospel!! Well i feel good about this year. I hope that I answered the questions i hate typing on computers. Dad here's a verse you might like...Hebrews 5:8-9 i believe it is. It's a favorite of president monahan's.
~Elder Barney

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