Monday, January 14, 2013


Wow this week has been the happiest week of my life pretty stressful as well. So the baptismal candidates passed so two baptisms on january 19. We're starting to commit these part members to baptism and we are using the AP's workshop on how to give ibd's. So yeah i need new contacts. I'm glad you mentioned that at least to get me home seeing alright haha. Well we're in baguio today, but we dont have much time. I need to buy slacks because yeah i need to. I'll buy two pairs and i heard they have mexican food there at sm baguio so im gonna find it. I liked the rattlesnake picture haha i love pictures from when you were all younger haha. Dad i live right across from cabu funeral home in a big yellow looking house. We basically live in the garage of that big yellow house haha. Dad im going to buy some frog wallets too, so that your dream will become a reality hahah. Well anyways there is  one sister in the compound of the district president dungan. They're all dungans in their compound. The sister in law of the president was married back in november to her husband in the US (the brother of president) but they said nothing to the missionaries that they were married in our church. So yeah we missed the opportunity to give the lessons anyways her name is jonah dungan. Her family all lives in america and they are members and it sounds like she will head over as well, but she has had persecution that if she changes her religion they wont accept her into the states. I wanted to say we americans hate catholics in america so change it haha but of course i didnt. We have a really good relationship of trust with her and her kids. Her husband is being brought into activity in california in san diego through his dad. Anyways sister jonah likes to talk a lot but she also likes to learn so we finally got control of the lesson. Her baby who is always loud and out of control suddenly became quiet we hadnt planned to give the IBD to her last night but on the 17th. But we prayed and found out that the 23 of February would be a good time for her to prepare. Anyways i started talking about how she needed to act on her faith in jesus christ. She really liked a talk by a sister about repentance in church earlier that day so we talked about that and then i said the next step is baptism. I wanted to give the date but i forgot it. I didnt want to look at the calendar and look like it wasnt planned because it was planned and it came from heavenly father. So i said to my self soft invitation instead. Then i heard a voice... "no give the real thing the date is exactly a year from the day you entered into the mtc. feb 23!"  It came back to me so i gave it and she accepted it and then laughed. She nudged her cousin next to her who was a new investigator in that lesson and said you too! hahah I almost groaned. She didnt understand how serious that was, but elder macabenta explained that we need to prepare for the day through repentance then she said well i was hoping for next year but maybe youre right elders maybe it's the right time. I then testified "sister it is the right time". She stared at me and nodded. Then i closed the lesson and invited her to give a prayer and learn for herself and learn that it was right. I am dead serious when i say this...her prayer was the longest and most humble prayer i have ever heard. She started crying in the middle of it. We were kneeling on tile it was hard and long, but i didnt care. She knew it was right. She asked why am i crying and our fellowshipper explained so I'm excited and we're going to help her get there it was so awesome i can't forget yeah thats our struggle getting the people to be more missionary minded and alert and i know the referrals will come. Yes i went on exchanges in bauang it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. In the middle of the night the one elder of us four there had an asthma attack. They freaked out and called sister monahan  I asked him if he had pain in his arm (heart attack) because his chest was way heavy and he is a big guy. We had no medicine no inhaler so his companion elder spiers from england gave the blessing. I annointed and his breathing returned to normal. This week has been a spiritual one i leave this all to you whether or not you wish to send this to people. I love this mission and I love my family but i know that as i get more lost in the work the time gets faster and faster. I know you are praying for me, and I am as well for you. ~Elder Barney

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