Monday, July 2, 2012


Kamusta sikayo,
 Sige well yeah this week has been rainy. Only class 1 typhoons pretty weak they say haha we're just waiting for a big one to come a long. So no I'm not transferred I'm just apart of the normal transfer schedule which is fine by me. We are having a lot of sucess because the branch is getting really excited about missionary work. Thank you for news i still like to hear the obama part (made me cringe) but the second coming has to start sometime the sooner the better. I have not yet met the new mission president maybe next week. (haha)  I hope you picked a decent picture of me for the newspaper. Well somedays I'm good at the language and somedays I try to expand and get humbled haha but thats alright. I have two americans in my district, so it helps to see where i should be kinda of "markers". They are older than me in the mission. Funny story our ward mission leader sat in cat poop on a chair in the middle of a lesson. Might have been the funniest thing i have seen yet but yeah missionary life is fun. There will be a baptism on the 21st Frederick Merrera and he really came a long way no addictions but just very hard to teach. Not handicapped but just some people take longer but he is really starting to feel more comfortable answering questions. 
I hope camp goes good for you girls. Sorry for scattered email its because i need to look at your email and respond haha. 
Oh dad if you didn't please say thank you to the Barneys for their letter. I hope they're doing well. Well yeah i miss the temple a lot, but i think I will be here for the groundbreaking of the urdaneta temple in 2013 or hopefully sooner. President said before he left, if i havent told you already, I get my journal entries and my emails mixed up a lot haha. But he said stay close to the spirit basically and that's all he could ask for. So yeah president monohan is here (i need to learn to spell his name) and I haven't spoken to a pure american in enhlish in a while and its really awkward cause i have a tendency to use words here and there. You will see in december what i am talking about. Well soon now is lexi's birthday yeah! 17 I dont have much support to send something, but i will bring things home i promise that you and the doobs might like. I hope efy and dance is good for yall.
...sorry double emails...Just put them together please into one long big email haha. Well francisco has not been yet confirmed two weeks straight he has been late for sakremento and its got to stop. But this next week, i think he will get the picture that we show up 30 minutes early for sakremento. This transfer maybe more than two I'm trying to leave the area better than i found it. I dont care if they dont remember me as long as they remember to go to church after I'm long gone. Well we're about to go to a house blessing? A lds one but this lady moved from manila and invited some auxillaries to come and witness the blessing. The branch president said we can all go and there will be food so I'll be there soon. Well im changing my diet to pasta I think and more fruit haha. It is hard to know what to buy because limited money so we have to be smart. Elder Cabauatan lost the cell phone so they will slash his bill, but i think he will be okay he has some reserves and I'll back him. Plus i have that good old butterfield blessing that I won't starve so I'm good if worse comes to worse i can eat crickets like the ilokano. My companion ate one the other night. Well we have developed a couple of ways to get people active and get people to comer back. One is "ambush family home evenings" all the leaders and ward missionaries and some fellowshippers and all go to a less active family with a guitar, some food and we have family night. Sobrang epektibo! The other way to get dads active is if they have a son or daughter that is coming up on baptism we say well either you prepare yourself to baptize or someone else will. Yeah they dont like the idea of strangers or missionaries baptizing their kids, so it's working with some. Some not so much, but yeah Dad said that he developed the sowing seeds project. My two ideas are ambush family home evenings and...i need to coin another name for the other. aAny ideas im open for ideas. I have some really funny pictures to send you I just got to get some from one of the pinoys in my district. Well life is good in san quinton! ~Elder Barney

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