Monday, August 20, 2012

So this week has been good. No im not transferred i am now the longest stayed missionary in san quintin everyone joked around that its because there hasnt been a zone shirt made yet haha. So yeah i'll get on that. Just preparing a couple of people for baptism and trying to get people not to hide from us when we walk up the path and getting those people to church. What i have learned about people that sa,"if this happens ill go to church" is that what changes when they actually go to church isnt the "if" but the change of heart. Life is always hard. My companion was pretty bold to a brother the other day, but it was good. He said to him, "brother in 10-20 years the same things are going to still be your problem. But you can get the Lords help if you change and come to church to overcome those issues. Working more on sunday or staying home to rest you will still be poor and tired on monday but at least you will be tired and poor with the spirit and more ready to take on the next week. I got the package i loved the letter from dad and the stuff inside. Thank you very much. My teeth were starting to turn yellow now their back to semi normal ....I laughed at some of names of the places in dads mission because almost all of them are in my mission the spanish were pretty clever at naming things here. Well drum roll...i took a nutritionist test at the mall and a height test I'm starting to put weight back on slowly but its coming. I'm now 6' 2''!!! and a 161 lbs so im down 15 from the mtc, but i know i can maintain this for the rest of my mission. The lady was kind of a quack doctor at the mall but she scolded me after my test because i filled out a questionaire and i dont drink milk. She asked why and i said im not used to milk. She tried really hard to speak to me in english and then i spoke back to her in tagalog. Sometimes i let them practice thier english. Well i liked the newspaper. Saw everything and laughed in the beehive article that some lady wrote an article about back rubs in church. I dont know what is better...if me and lexi were fighting or she was giving me a back rub. haha that was funny. I laughed at the article about me and about the snakes. I didnt think you were that worried. actually funny story. After 5 months here in san quintin i realized that there are no snakes until october only spiders which are harmless i have seen two snakes and one was road kill and the catholic church next to our house isnt a catholic church but a another wacky protestant church and the house next door isnt a house for bad women but its called a house of whores by the people. I took it literally they called it that because the girl that lives there has a bad reputation and the dad and mom own a bar in town and the mom was just like the daughter in the past. Its funny how my perspective has changed on all the things in san quinton and in the pilipinas. Well we went to rosales to watch the prophets birthday party it was awesome one of the members let us drive with him in his car. Third time i have gotten to do that in the pilipinas we always use bus and tryke. It was so cool. You should watch it if you havent. The pilipinos laughed hard at the fat opera man but they enjoyed the rest. Thanks for the news about anything and everything. I'm glad grandma is doing better. Well abouty me I'm learning how to play the guitar kind of...our member has a guitar and sometimes for fun he whips it out. My companion is really really good he was in a band before. Well im glad all  my ym friends are serving missions. I'm still trying to figure out the mission and everything but i have a long time to do it. There is a family in my branch that just moved to arizona. I'm pretty sure mesa the viduya family they should know how to speak english. They were the pioneers of the san quinton branch. I just talked to their son a minute ago at the lugawan. Well d. and lou , and the dog are doing good. Work hard but enjoy every second. 

    Please find out how the barneys are doing. I emailed cecilia anyways. Where in my mission is elder savage haha. I hope i answered all the questions. I'll send mom a letter for december but thats still a far way off
    22 years long time. I'm 19 so at least the math is right (its a little ackward when it isnt) haha. But im glad i was born in the covenant. We have a girl that wants to marry her fiance in the temple, but the parents are having trouble preparing for the temple

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