Monday, August 27, 2012


Mom please please dont send money or cards with money on it. I'm fine im
healthy the weather is really dry for the philippines which is very
odd they said they dont really have trouble with drought though. Well
we have a baptism on sept 1 which im excited for Jerry Sending and
Jelo hernandez so yeah. Zone conference is fast approaching and im
excited to head to urdaneta to hear another president monahan talk. I
saw the last baguio buzz post of president and sis jensen an elder in
my district received it. It was nice but kind strange to read. Well
that is awesome the new bishopric i havent received any packages
lately ill look up elders savage area on the map. We have a basketball
hoop in our house now haha. My companion and I are having lots of fun.
Im glad lexi's doing good she is dating a boy from another school. If
she isnt talking to boys at mountain view of course she wont be taken
to a dance even if she just is talking to them as friends. We went to
the one and the only (i bet)tourist spot in all pangasinan haha earlier.
It was awesome ill try to get some pictures to you its called
batchelor natividad the people there have no clue what a batchelor is
even my, fluent in english companion, im teaching him american slang and
he is teaching my tagalog slang and sometimes ill talk tagalog slang
to the filipino elders and they will say you talk like your from
manila or something. I had to give a talk in church this last sunday.
The president wanted me to talk 15 minutes. They played "how great thou art"
before and i actually didnt use notes because i felt calm about it. I
talked on the temple and i was able to make the talk very applicable
to them like if some people in your family are able to go to the
temple and your not then that is a warning signal to you that after this
life you will left behind as your family walks into the presence of
god for eternity and you stand there not knowing what to do and you
feel the inexpressable horror that that the savior felt in the garden
of Gethsemane. I think it woked up a few people. Some people still are
hard headed to set time aside. It is free in Luzon for families to go
for the first time to be sealed and take out garments FREE but they
still refuse. It is a perfect example of the atonement salvation that is
free but people watch it pass by them for nothing. Kylie dont text
boys! Dylan larsen emailed me. He's awesome ill shoot him a note in a
second. I love the quotes the info every thing please keep it coming. I
love you all and i pray for your happiness and safety. Im getting old in a
couple of months. I'll be 20 and looking back on my life its like a
quick dream and this mission is quick. Adios ~Elder Barney

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