Monday, August 13, 2012


Please dont load money on a card. I have no idea how i would use it and i dont know how to access my credit card plus i dont want to spend the time to figure it out. I love the packages. The zone leaders called and said they recieved a package. They didnt tell me the name on the package. No i wasnt transferred but a pilipnio from my batch got pulled out with his companion in a four elder area and reassigned twenty minutes away haha. But he said he saw elder savage got transferred. President is keeping everyone really long in thier areas unless he needs us for leadership. I dont know. I'm excited for this next transfer. Well im glad everything is good with grandma that felt good to read that. Well no big storms have came. San quintin is relatively safe. My weight has leveled off so dont worry about my weight. I might have a pooch when i come home, but i decided i will work out better by the end of my mission. I love reading jesus the christ in the morning right when i wake up and i eat oatmeal and chocolate ENERGEN haha.  What was lexi's birthday gift? I guess i get to wait another week before i find out haha in other words dont do that please. I had pineapple, kanin, patatas, and corned beef for lunch today so good haha (i made it). Well dad is a rep for dental conf now so what is your job there? raising money, advertising toothpaste? 9 out of 10 LDS dentists choose COLGATE haha. Well the work is good the members are becoming more organized in the work this sunday we will receive a broadcast from SLC about the prophet at 7 in the morning! haha I am so excited for that (no) but really i am. Conference and broadcasts from salt lake are like the super bowl for us. Well i was sad to hear about don and mark. I want to be like don with all the rabbits when im older. Oh guess what there are tons of rabbits here. They dont eat them either they love them haha. My companion and i have a lot of fun plans for this next transfer so we will see how it goes. Lexi and Ky dont worry about a thing because "every little thang is gonna be alright"...Thank you for the information about romney. please keep it coming. Yeah i havent heard from connor in a while but im sure their doing good. I know that I cant compete for time with ashlynn for toph ill lose hard. They made me teach gospel principles class on sunday on scriptures it actually went well because i felt like i could do it. When i doubt myself i sink always like peter. I always write a quote on my planners for this next transfer it is "I am because god is with me". It might stay that way for the rest of my mission cause i like the quote. Am i being punished because my letters are two short your letters are short hahaha. Well i know if there is something you know i would like to know you usually remember it. I walked by a house the other day and they were watching the olympics..looked like the 400m. I verbally had to tell myself outloud "i hate track!" because i wanted to watch it so bad hahaha. I got hugged by a drunk the other day. That was great he is really nice and he loves me and wants to share stories. I'd love to give a lesson to him but he is always drunk so no way. ETB

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