Monday, October 1, 2012


Your last comment reminded me of the testament, "is such pride in my son a sin" said helam to ammoron and he said no haha. Im doing great getting adjusted still. We pdayd with the zone leaders and other elders it was fun we ate spaghetti chicken and kanin. Well in december they will do the three words about christ or the gospel thing again. It's one tradition they will keep. I have some ideas if you have anything else you'd like me to write for the three words that is astig its appreciated. Right now its Man of Christ....never look back...never turned back....i need more ideas your thoughts haha. For the house i'd like you to find the joseph nashville music. Especially listen to the song the rising. It's on my companions ipod their about joseph smith and church history. I hope you find it okay. The rising is awesome. Lexi..for some babylonian music on the other hand haha. Elder Cabauatan taught me "Your call" by secondhand serenade on the guitar. I havent listened to the real one, but i will in 16 months. Well the branch is strong as far as leadership a lot more less actives a lot more but most of the less active are married which is a lot better. We have a real goal for them. Go to the temple and things like that. One cool experience was yesterday brother tagalan and his girlfriend that have two sons. She has been holding out on marriage or civil marriage he opened up in the lesson that he wants to change. He bore testimony and cried and her heart softened she agreed to meet with the branch president. Our branch president is a great negotiator. They plan to be married on december 5, so maybe that's her baptismal date as well. That's filipino law. I dont understand why yet. I'm the junior companion this is his area he has been here a lot longer he will probably leave after one transfer and hand off the baton to me here i just need to learn the area. I might be junior again which is fine with me. I really want to co-senior with someone though. More sharing of ideas and agreeing. No i dont lose things the curse in the book of mormon of things becoming slippery has finally left. My new curse is leaving the "plantsa" on or the iron on after i iron my shirt, so my companion and i will put a sign there to remind me haha. Well here in the branch I'm no longer Mr. Bean to them I'm now...Tom Cruise...I'm big time now. I always laugh because they can't really tell. Uhm right now dad im becoming better with answering questions in a relaxed way to investigators. Example: sometimes when people try to give us a question to test our knowledge I like to give a funny answer to lighten the mood. Last night one less active in a huge group of three or four families asked me what the difference was between espiritu and kaluluwa or what's the difference between spirit and the word soul. The answer is often that a soul has a vessel in the scriptures with exception to a few scriptures in the pearl of great price. I said one is a tagalog word the other is a spanish word haha. It lightened the mood and he accepted our next real answer. I'm sorry i dont have more spiritual experiences to share they are there along with the failures haha. Mom I'm never mad at you you can ask me any question. I am now  6' 2'' my growing is over! I still dont know what i will be for sure for a job or stuff like that. I kind of have an idea of how i want to be in this church. I want to be the best home teacher ever. I want to be the best dad. I want to be the best scout leader. Those are my aspirations in the church. This church has too many leaders it needs followers. If we only have leaders that are active in the church the church will digress. We need people to lift in their callings. I love the news please keep it coming. More pictures of you please. I dont really have any haha. Love you all ~Elder Barney

**Leaving a companion: Hm this last one wasnt so sad. I like him a lot, but i needed to be transferred to grow so i was excited. Elder Rabaca has been here a long time he is the only one in my group that hasnt yet been transferred and he counting the days its really hard on him. Thanks for the money if you want to send it in there that is fine, but i want to live the law of consecration. I wont use my card haha. Well i dont really need anything more for christmas. Save the money for when i come home haha. ~Elder Barney

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