Monday, October 22, 2012


Guess where im at!
Baguio finally im here. But the pday is short, and i hope i can get as
much in as possible. The drive made me sick in a bus. We got
started off late because the bus drivers would refuse to pick us up. I
thought to myself are they a bunch of mormon haters then we found out
that were dumb and it wasnt an unloading and loading area haha. But
yeah dad i saw the game i was stacking chairs and i saw bronco then them
lining up and then the score. I didnt focus on the jerseys. So yeah
fires of faith is okay. In the future if you could send me that and
the joseph nashville cd thatd be great to listen to during lunch. I
dont know what i will do after elder rabaca is transferred for lunches.
I'm in trouble im not good at cooking filipino and the stuff i do know
how to cook is expensive like a pbj sandwhich haha. Yeah dad i thought
we got short changed no you dont need to send an ensign they're free for
us even in tagalog. But yeah if things in america dont shape up im
gonna live in baguio ahha. joke. I feel like either a celebrity or a
circus freak when i walk the streets. They whisper amerikano amerikano.
Its kind of a detractor from them feeling the spirit and not focusing
on my nationality. Here in baguio theyre more educated and it has been a
relief to be another face in the crowd haha. Yeah dad i found the song
hark! listen to the trumpeteers in a church history manual but thank
you for the lyrics. The "in crowd"... dad come on...we
know we dont belong in the social elite of mesa.  So family...i know
lexis favorite scripture in the book of mormon but ky, mom, and dad what
is your favorite only one. Its okay if its more then one verse in the
same chapter. Im working on moms birthday gift right now. I read an
article about the second coming. The thing a lot of things still
happened a lot but we dont know how fast god can and wants them to
happen in a matter of one year the church could explode to the amount
described in the scriptures big enough that we are a serious threat to
the church of the devil. I'm getting closer and closer to 20 yrs. Well
dad right now were in the process of figuring out how to clean the
records here. So im kind of learning about the administrative side of
the church and how important it is. People dont really transfer their
records here so they create a gigantic headache for the missionaries
and branches haha, but im excited to start. Hey dad, you and grandpa
barney are you going to clean up that mistake in the barney line on
family history? I believe there was one. Lexi, duba how are you doing in
school. Lexi do you ever see coach alexander and kylie do you see
coach shindledecker ever or is coach shindi gone no? There is a
indian man in our area who wants to feed us hes nice he wants to learn
more about the bible he doesnt have a turban and dot so its all good.
Thanks for voting for me, i dont think president monahan cares to much to
help us out to vote thats the last thing on his mind haha. I'll send
some pictures of baguio in my next letter. I helped the youth here
find a theme for their halloween party they really dont know how to do
halloween here. 1 peter 2:9 is the scripture about youth and their
theme is prince and princesses, so it kind of fits they were excited but
when i tried to explain what a haunted house was and bobbing for
apples i got some blank stares. I said there are some
great halloween songs to dance to like thriller. They heard the name
michael jackson and thought it would be bad to dance to. I dont know
cause we danced to it with DJ ron haha at the stake dances no problem.
Love you all and thanks for sending the slacks. Adios! ~Elder Barney

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