Monday, October 29, 2012


Well im going to have a son...This isn't inappropriate i'm going to train here. Yeah like kirby heyborne in the rm i have boils on my face from the stress haha just kiddin. But really i will get a greenie this friday. I have a 75 percent chance of getting an american which means we're going to have lots of fun trying to struggle in tagalog together and no one to answer our questions haha. Well i already have the joseph nashville tribute, but the fires of faith movie would be great to get. Hey dad whats uncle aarons address and can you send me a short synopsis of the casual vacancy by j.k. rowling. Dad honestly our daily work is 90 percent less active lessons here in agoo, 10 percent investigator focus my personal favorite is to cut the referral process and go straight to these part member families. If i baptize one person in their family they usually become active enough to get a calling and get a good kick start. "Preach by the ways" i heard back then maybe a 100 preach by the ways will yield one baptism baptism haha. Halloween here haha well its interesting some kids tried to scare us the other day with cardboard masks i laughed. Well  i feel like i have the trust of the members now so it will be sad that elder rabaca is leaving but im excited to apply my ideas for the area. My focus will be first contacting, then cleaning and teaching. I saw elder tan at the "train the trainers mtg" he was shocked he was all you got skinny but you can speak tagalog now. I laughed id rather be skinny and able to speak then big and dumb. Yeah whats the deal with the missionary picture with the girls just because missionaries are awkward doesnt mean you have to be haha. But I suppose its good that we are awkward. When i try to write a friend about normal stuff i have a hard time. When we went to baguio we went to Mines View Burnham park and sm baguio. We ate at a 50's diner and i had real american food in a diner! Mom id love to go to san diego there are lots of filipinos there and mexicans. I'd love to learn spanish. Dad, i wish i could help you landscape. You know how i used to need a lot of sleep well i run perfect on 8 hours or less. I can get up earlier as well if we have conferences. Elder David Bednar went to connors mission haha he's lucky. haha Dad put the romney sign inside the window at work then they wont steal it. Mom when i get home ill help you with the dishes im really fast at washing dishes hand wash haha. I hope the package gets here soon i could use the slacks i love you here comes the pictures adios!
~Elder Barney

Typical filipino rice patatas
Had a good old American hamburger (awesome!)

FROG WALLETS!  Yes they're real preserved frogs.  The eyes are plastic, of course. 

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