Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey mom dad and everyone! doob and lou
I found out about the temples and new age yesterday a kid in our ward heard the news so i told him to go onto to on his iphone we will watch it all next sat and sunday for us at the stake center. i just had another zone interview with president monahan and it was one of the greatest spiritual experiences of my mission. I'm glad you liked the joseph nashville song the rising is good the one about porter rockwell is good and the one about emma  smith is awesome. We just got back from the beach doing our district activity. the beach wasnt too ugly i built a sand castle and ate rice and chicken and our district leader elder purcell is way awesome he is a samoan american somaon island and he is military. we played football on the beach. him and i with all the philipinos if he wrapped me up i was in trouble but im still skinny and quick haha the rice will do that. a temple in arizona i leave and temples pop all over az. I'm glad utah is awesome. if you do need ideas for what to send i hope you recieved those three things i need back then. but shaving cream was be great as well its hard to find here because well they arent a hairy people haha manny pacquio has a bigote but not to many have facial hair. Well im almost 20 i want to still be a teenager. well let see i'll share my interview with president to you if you feel that its to special to send abroad dad then i second that motion. So i sat down and he asked me if i had any questions or concerns i said i had none he then asked if i could help him with a missionary thats hates being here an american i gave him some ideas to fix the problem i dont know if they well help then he asked me what i wanted to learn about i said what do you want to teach me about he smiled and said do you consider yourself a leader. and i said well in what sense i dont my best to follow all the rules and be nice to the other missionaries but i am a junior companion and still young and not great in the language. he then asked me what a leader is i said its defiantly not what most people here in the baguio mission think it is. Talking a lot and doing things to be seen. I said my dad is a leader. He said how so. i said there is a major problem in the church when people get released from positions they think its a demotion a sign of disrespect they dont understand the doctrine therefore they slack and eventually become inactive or trunky. i saw my dad hold callings that many try to aspire to high council bishop and now he is a home teacher and works in the sunday school (this might have changed) I said but he is still stronger than ever. He then said when he sees me it reminded him of a man in Ajo arizona back a long time ago im still thinking how the story connects to me. In ajo arizona there was a man i will find out the name of the man he was a mormon and owned a dairy farm. the church in there area back then because of the kindness of president kimball back then to the mineworkers back then the church obtained land from a company to build a church house in ajo. The local baptist preacher was infuriated. he railed on the mormons from his pulpit and one day went to the mormons dairy farm to buy his dairy. he didnt say a word just pointed to the things he desired to buy. to show his disapproval to the people of the mormons he peeled out of thier country dirt driveway and headed to his house. Later that day the local sheriff showed up with others at the baptists preacher's front door. they told the baptist preacher that in his rush to leave they ran over the mormon couples one and half year old baby daughter in the driveway. the baptist preach said that he didnt the sheriff took him out and showed him the pieces of hair on the bumper of the car of the tiny baby girl. the preacher sat in agony and wept. later that the night the parents of the baby girl showed up at the preachers door and wanted to talk to him they told him that they forgave him. they left. the baptist preacher was so heartbroken. he paid for the funeral of the baby. it was a beautiful funeral the flowers all paid by the preacher. he didnt know how to repay the life of the baby girl. there really was no restitution for lost life and years. the only thing that would bring peace to his soul is he felt he needed to build the mormon church there on the bought land. every brick in the ajo chapel is paid for by the baptist preacher. there never was an angry  sermon again given from his pulpit against the mormons. President monahan then said when i think of that man. i think of you. you will be a leader here in the mission. and when you train soon. i expect you to be a leader..... . i felt many morals and promptings from his story. one is i can do hard things if im like that man. he said he was a leader by not we said but how he lived. and he told me that i need to speak out sometimes when i know something is wrong not all people will change because of our examples he said. i cant stay silent. I love you all. im happy. i dont know what this mission will do to me but im slowly learning that god knows taylor barney and he is giving me challenges to help me be like my dad and mom. The priesthood is real! the times to use it are never ideal but they are that way so we are always striving to be worthy every second of our life. iniiwan ko ang mga bagay na ito sa pangalan ni jesu cristo amen~Elder Barney

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