Monday, November 19, 2012

My First Earthquake!

Thank for the letters,
I just exchanged the dollars for pisos. The dollar has crashed for sure but the money here is still a lot of money. I dont know when ill use it. I will have a family night on the 26th at the boac home. We will cook the brownies. Well we had an earthquake in baguio. 3 or something on the richtorscale. I was sitting in the middle of companion study and my companion asked me if i was tapping my foot again and shaking the desk. I said no then we realized we had a 10 second shake. It wasnt strong at all but we noticed it. My first earthquake!  Well i had an interesting experience two weeks ago that i forgot to share. We went to contact a indian man named jaswan because he seemed interested. We grabbed a member of the branch presidency and headed out after pday. They call indians here "bumbays". So they asked where the bumbay compound was and we found hundreds of indians in one compound in the middle of a agoo barangay. We found our friend and he told us he wanted to feed us. It was the best food ever. It was like spicy beans and a tortilla thing flat bread and i learned how to say thank you in indian. They all speak tagalog the indians anyways. They told us that we can share our mission haha. Little did we know that they were having a prayer meeting of all the indians so we got roped into an hour and half of listening to them sing in indian. It sounded cool so the last 6 minutes were given to us. I presented the gospel of jesus christ and my companion focused on the atonement. They listened but they are very devoted to their hindu religion. Too bad. Indians would make great church members since they are dedicated. Our sacrament attendance is rolling, but i swear the members are taking turns coming to church. One will come to church and the other stay home to watch the house. I promised to them that the house isnt going anywhere if you come to church. Filipino tradition is that there should be someone always in the house. I'm doing good. We're trying to get a balanced focus. I heard about you girls...Just have fun. Eat pizza and drink chocolate milk for me. Be merry because you're in a great part of life that isnt as hard as it seems. I still struggle in the language, but i understand 95 percent. Here and there they will throw in a word i dont know, but i quickly write it down afterwards. My thanksgiving is my birthday for me haha. I love you all. I'm happy you emailed me and told me about what's going on there in the states. ~elder barney

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