Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Training.......

So I'm training a filipino from mindanao.  Elder Macabenta. His last name means literally (able to sell), so everyone laughs at him. They say i bet you can sell a lot come down to the palengke and help me out, but they are nice just being funny. He's a good sport. He's from davao. He was born into the convenant he's solid. He's struggling a little bit in tagalog because he is visaya speaking, but he is still better than me. We correct each other sometimes. It is stressful yet he is so laid back and humble. My biggest worry is that he isnt saying what he feels so im always asking him is that okay with you cause i dont want him to go home. A lot of trainees are having a hard time with foreigners especially so president has started a program to help them get into the life. When i cach my companion staring at the calendar. I know what he is thinking about because i was once there so i teach him something or we listen to music actually pa la!  My camera memory card can hold music. I got the package i loved it. I laughed at the pictures and loved the spiderman stuff. Dad i hope your writing the movies I'm missing haha, and did you have a chance to find the book the infinite atonement by tad callister? I like the nutella from the office girls hahah. Well i lived like an amish for this week. My poor trainee arrived on the week of all saints and souls day that means we stay in the house back before 6 because people are nuts and there are lots of ghosts. No electricty. No running water. He had a rough first week but its over. Thanks yeah doob give my address to erik i hope he's on a mission by now. Yeah i love to hear who's on the mission. Cecilia you can write me here on lds mail. ( The rule is family can write and you can email to them. (others I have to send a written letter)  We are blood right, but that stinks that byu wont play utah until 2016. I hope you get a job let me know.  One of our biggest problems is figuring out peoples marriages and coordinating baptismal dates. It was made confusing by president jensen, but i understand now. Here in the pines there is no divorce only annulment which is expensive so they continue living in instead. So they need to be married before they get baptized. It's better to do it on the same day.  

Elder Barney

so here is a picture of the zone shirt im huge and tall and i have sick sword but i have a red afro im on the far right. yeah i thanked the illustrator for his rendition on me. then we had a party for elder rabaca.

New pants and tie..they fit!  Notes in pockets from you guys

  New companion......

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