Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Advice

I want to say to duba,clean the mask. My friends sweaty faces and mine as well have been in that. Well lou, I'm happy for you. Lexi don't over think life and the future. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself. I'm 20!  I'm not going to lie i got a little nostalgic last night and realized that im about to free fall in this mission as far as time goes. Mom and dad you're close but wrong. Mom's more close though. My actual release date is feb 5 on my proselyting card. Who knows how that goes....?  When it's that time I'll be begging president monahan for another transfer, but the church doesnt like that anymore. A member took some pictures of my last night of being a teenager. You may not want to share them because they are bad.  Dont worry about the pictures the cell phone is my branch mission leaders phone and we're at the house have a meeting. He took some weird pics. Well we're still fighting for ibds. President called me earlier. Dad i hope your making me a list of movies im missing. No packages have gotten here. I noticed the other day I'll be up in baguio on the 21 of december which is alright because when the world ends (Mayan calendar) I want to be at the highest point I can get. haha  My companion was relieved that i pointed that out to him. Buy a boat is all the advice i got for you. I'm headed to baguio! Well the branch found out i had a birthday yesterday some members sang the birthday song. Well I'm trying to work smart. Helping the home teaching because if it's strong this problem with activity will go bye bye. My companion will love the gifts thanks mom, but i hope you didnt over do it. My comp and I are close we have one huge similarity our love for american movies. Tonight I'm gonna eat the brownies and then head to another house. I dont expect any food, but i hope at the boac family they make me this one dish its like squash, brussel sprouts and other vegetables it's awesome. I think dad that my range of foods that i wont eat is now smaller than yours. I'm 110 percent sure!! But your mission story is pretty bad. We dont have many dinner appointments, so it's all good. Dad i wish we had you in the branch sometimes. They have questions about the ecclesiastical part of the church and i have no idea. It's funny i didnt realize the job of bishop and PEC. When i was a kid i thought it was where all the old guys in the ward went to your office to eat mm's and peanuts and discuss struggling youth in the ward and told jokes. Dad i want you to look for the prophet josephs description of paul the it accurate just curious.
     Love you all ~Elder Barney thanks for the birthday wishes
PS Lexi. did rachel crandell ever recieve my letter i feel like no one is receiving the mail I'm sending. The mail lady hates me because i dont buy the really expensive way to send. Dad im sending a letter to the barneys too. 

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