Monday, November 12, 2012

Geneology...yes they are doing it.

Well i hope i can answer all your questions.
I heard about romney actually im not surprised. Our country is no longer our country or gods country, and when that happens just take a look in the book of mormon. Geneology work...yes they are doing it they are having a hard time. They go to catholic churches and stuff like that for film. It's hard for those that do it and are very faithful. The word has gotten around until that they will increase their sacrament attendance, clean their records, and become more active then the temple will start construction anytime soon. Most are lucky the most skilled genealogist here that i know is back in the 1800's any further than that is really really hard because as a people they are not like the chinese with records. Anyways, I was grateful for the package i dont want to turn 20 at all haha. So about the brownies they dont have ovens here so can i cook it on a stove i want to know. Lexi i am so sorry about everything. I am just going to say this about our family...for some reason that is beyond me. We have been blessed in many ways especially in the gospel, but sometimes so much ignorant hate is grilled up towards us (even in the mission). The only thing that will get you through this is the gospel lexi. Distance yourself from the garbage of high school and if it tries to come close you keep stepping back. People dont have price tags don't let them give you one, especially you lexi and kylie. If you want there is a thing called the baguio beat that you can check out. There is a talk that i listen to from time to time probably the best talk that has ever been given by jeffrey r holland in the mtc. "when you are cast out and spit upon, reviled against and a hiss and a byword know that you are standing with the greatest light the world has ever known the The Lord Jesus Christ!  .... life isnt easy because salvation is not a Cheap Experience...It was never easy for him [Christ] why should it be easy for us?." Everytime I'm rejected i say this to myself!  Dad there is nothing i can say to what you said to me in your email other than the patriarchal blessings have revelation for my family as well as me. God said to me, You have a father and a mother who love you and two sisters and your parents are rearing you in righteousness. I have never doubted your love for me because god, who knows all, promised me himself that you do. There is no apology that you need to give to me. I'm excited to talk to you in a month. I love all the information that you give me. I'm accustomed to the culture kind of. I'm doing everything i can to find a family to baptize for the area. I found one i hope it goes okay. He is a politician. Ricky Camat he is a barangay captain but we made friends with him we will see. Thank you for the picture too. President and Sister monahan came to my church the other day to do interviews. Kind of funny. In the middle of an interview he walks out grabs me and tells me to tell him what this filipino is saying to him. I didn't even know he was there. I was walking to PEC so i asked the filipino where his branch president was. We found him (the branch president was the translater for the temple recommend interview). Then i walked into elders quorum and sister monahan was surrounded by 15 filipino children. I would say while she was showing them pictures of things on her ipad explaining to them in english stuff it was cool to see. She speaks slow and clearly so thats good.  I wont get to go back to baguio until dec 21 but that's alright. I'm glad duba is experiencing my junior high days from the girls point of view. The mission is getting faster and faster somedays i dont have time to think. If we have a lot of appointments its really fast. About the packages i dont need hair gel anymore ever again and thank for everything but the most important thing i will ask for is shaving cream. I think that the cost of shaving cream for them is like us is like 25 bucks. I love you all! Corinthians 4 and 6 were the focuses of presidents talk dad!  It's about countenace or a change of countenance means we have a change of heart~Elder Barney

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