Monday, December 31, 2012

MY 2013 GOALS......

I'm surprised that i have an accent. I have the hardest time talking to president monahan now or the senior couple missionaries in english. I feel so slow and dumb haha. My three words? i didnt put to much effort into the drawing brother borlazza printed it out for me. I have never really been big into art projects and competitions. I had something funny to write for my three words but i was worried president monahan would get mad haha. The best i thought was elder shaw's...."remember lots wife"..... dont look back at sodom and gomorrah. Really inspiring just like the quote of nephi. and my father dwelt in a tent. When i was in seminary i loved using passages like that for scripture thoughts and see how much discussion i could draw out. Well its 2013 wow. Yeah my chance of getting transferred is really high on january 25. The lumague family brother finally came to sacrament. I sat next to his family and jhumel and shiela (10) and (12) and they were really reverent. We sing in english here, and i sing really really loud so the branch wont be embarrassed and will sing loud too. There are a lot of hymns that i've really started to love. Most of them are pioneer hymns. Well mom you want my 2013 goals for our family book..... (1) excercise everyday (2) more effective in personal study (3) heighten my spiritual hearing yeah that ought to do it so you can mark me down for that. I love landon haha. He's right no one should be put through a movie like that. I'm glad they found grandma barneys car. We just had lunch at a members house. They fed us fried chicken and watermelon and I almost asked for purple kool-aid but im sure they wouldnt have gotten the joke. Dad you have to read the infinite atonement again. The doctrine isnt so deep. It's direct and its all stuff we have heard before but just now i have realized. My whole teaching style in the plan of salvation and the gospel of jesus christ has changed. It's amazing. Yeah its really hard to talk to you guys. I felt like i talked about stuff that wasnt really important so the next time we'll focus on the good stuff haha. I really like hyms like, Hark to the trumpeteers, Let zion in her beauty rise, and the nashville tributes stuff like that haha. I know dad you want to say "i told you so" but dont haha. Yes I love church music. I really like listening to church songs after work when i eat my bananas. Well im glad you liked the three words video, i hope its something different the next year. Anyways. i love you all at manigong bagong taon ~Elder Barney

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