Monday, February 25, 2013


Dad if you meet this boyfriend of cecilia's use your gaydar to determine whether or not he's a man's man. Vegas is boring. It's only fun one night a year if there is a bowl game. The other day when i was getting my haircut the filipinos were watching the nba all star game it was funny watching their faces trying to understand the english of shaq, kenny smith, charles barkley. They also had a few other old players that I didnt recognize. I saw one dunk of kenny smith's way awesome he bounced the ball between his legs and it bounced back of the back board and he three sixtie dunked it. His shorts were way to short. I just need a cool family picture and yeah it would be great to get some contact solution. My talk went good at the funeral. The family of the sister were all catholic and their faces were great to watch when i spoke tagalog. Elder Tijap said afterwards if you spoke in pangasinan the old grandma's probably would have fainted. 

Family is pamilya in tagalog and love can be pagibig or pagmamahal. It's been a great week. We had a baptism last saturday. I'll send some pictures it was brother domingo's baptism. The other family still has their child in the hospital, so they werent able to be baptized. But we are finding really good families that are accepting the invitation to be baptized. The hardest part is getting them to church. I loved the pictures lexi with her diaper hat and kylie's picture scared me the one with the suns dancer because she looked so old. We have been using the atonement of jesus christ coupled with the invitation to be baptized found in alma 7. It's effective and bold. Dont worry dad I'm very bold with people. It's always worked in my favor and Elder Rabanes is a very happy missionary and the work is great. The bishop is way good. Yeah i dont know if i will stay in the urdaneta mission. I might be able to be assigned in alaminos which i really want. Who knows? We workshopped last week to the youth and to the missionaries and on wednesday i workshop again. I was pretty scared the other day because president mortensen the counselor of president monahan came to my workshop, but he had great insights that made it great. I loved reading Elder Gherkins emails. I kind of miss american humor. 

Anyways i love you all.
Sorry so Short.  Ingat
Elder Barney

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