Monday, February 18, 2013


So they are going to split the mission i think you have seen the changes. I am still thinking about it. I'll probably not see a lot of friends like my trainee elder macabenta because he will be in an another mission. Those thoughts were the first thing that entered in my mind, but im happy that im still with president monahan and elder savage is still in my area. I hope youre doing ok mom. I'm honestly fine. This week is going to be big. Your right dad the adversary works hard. The parayaoan family's youngest son broke his foot when he fell from a mango tree. They wanted to postpone the baptism but bishop cancino talked to them and it should still be okay this week and also brother domingo is sure for 1 o'clock on saturday. We had ward conference last week and it was awesome to hear the choir sing I am a child of god in pangasinan and tagalog. The best hands down was "pamilyay sa diyos". I have heard the song in english before but i forgot the name. It was good. I kept looking at our other investigator family the deguzman family to see how they were doing while listening. It was impossible not to feel the spirit. I'd love for you to send me a picture of us all together as a family where we dont look to rich so that i can show to people when we proselyte. My zone leader did it with a "preach by the way". Even the hardest catholics become softer when you show them a picture of your family haha. Ky I'm going to send you a letter today for your birthday and then I'm going to cut my hair and get my soles on my shoes fixed haha so when it rains i dont feel the water in my shoes. Dallin emailed me. His first week sounds a lot like my first week, but he told it all to his family i didnt hahaha.  Bishop wrote me he's awesome. I had my first baptismal interview. It was one of the most spiritual hours of my mission. I finally understand a little, not a lot, because that would be blasphemous like Elder jeffrey r. holland said of the atonement and the love of the savior for sinners and for us. His talk is one of the best talks i have ever heard, as a missionary we will have to walk where he walked.  I just re-read the letter from president about the mission changes. Technically the missionaries havent been finalized. If I'm in the urdaneta mission then it's good thing i got that frog wallet just in time in baguio hahahahahahahaha  Dad i loved your home teaching stories. I like stuff like that. Mag-ingat  Elder Barney

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