Monday, February 11, 2013

"Preach By The Way" Opportunities

Yeah im doing okay. I played basketball earlier. With the kidney stones who knows what i ate? I haven't been drinking soda or eating pancit noodles. I like the area. There are a lot of members, hard to say for certain, because they formed a branch in some of the far barangays so thats outside my area. But theres a lot and to make it worse there are a lot of members who were teaching and trying to get back to church but we have no record in the branch...which makes me feel good inside haha. I cant imagine if bishop porter lost my record. Anyway the funeral of sister domingo is on wednesday. I was chosen to be a speaker which is fine i have something to say. We lost the key to the apartment, but i found it so we dont have to break into the apartment like a bunch of thieves using laminated cards and a great device that we made composing of my belt and an umbrella. We have 6 baptisms on the 23rd the paraoayan family and then brother domingo. In march we are hoping to get some more. President told me that he thinks san carlos can be the highest baptizing area in the mission and i dont doubt it. They are going to add sisters and cut our area smaller. I'm excited for the new missionaries then again i dont know how sisters will be. I have heard a lot of stories but i have the zone leaders in my house and they are a good help for me. I have been eating french toast every morning to fatten up. I thinks its working. We have a dinner appointment later i think were going to eat fried chicken which is really good. I watched special witnesses of christ the other day that was awesome. I really liked the testimony of neal a maxwell. President Monahan wants us to start talking to people and being more aggressive in our "preach by the way" opportunities. The rescue has been very slow and tedious and we're starting to balance back more into a stronger focus on investigators. I'm sorry my letters short i have little to write about but thanks for the pictures. I hope for more anyways until next week ~Elder Barney 

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