Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not The Best Call To Receive...But he's On the Mend!

So we finally got an email from Tee.  We got a call sunday night that he had been in the hospital. (not the best call to receive!) They finally determined a kidney stone.  It looks like it finally passed.  If further treatment is needed then he will go to Manila to a private hospital that the church has privleges at with an American LDS physician (sevice missionary).  His mission President and Sis Monahan have been great communicating with us each day.  Thanks for all of the prayers of those that had heard about his situation.  We have a lot to be grateful for here in the states.   PS  Sis Monahan said that Elder Barney was pretty happy on pain meds.  I dont think he has been on pain meds...even with wisdom teeth he didnt want them...?  PSS  Mom can finally get some sleep!

Thursday, February 7th

Well i finally got to get out!! My head still hurts from all the pain medication, and i say and do really dumb things but i need to work today because we were supposed to have a baptism on saturday. Brother Domingo who is partially deaf, he's huge, he's so tall for a filipino but he is the nicest person i have ever met in my life. Anyways his whole family was baptized three weeks ago. He has two daughters they have no permanent job and his wife is now blind because of diabetes and other complications but they pay tithing. Brother Domingo was delayed because of the word of wisdom but he doesnt have any problems anymore. Anyways the day i went in the hospital for kidney stones Sister Domingo was checked into a hospital. She passed away a short time later. The ward and us were devastated. There was so much hope for this family, but i know that the timing of the gospel entering into her life was a blessing and they can be sealed one day. We will visit their family after this. Brother wants a mormon funeral service which is super rare in the philippines even for mormon families. Because the parents and the brothers and sisters of the deceased will force it into a catholic funeral. But brother domingo wants it done the right way which i have great respect for he stood up to the whole family. So yeah that and i got your valentines package, i got aarons package, i got brother willets letter, and bishop porters letter which i was grateful for and grandma and grandpa taylors valentines card today at zone interviews in bayambang. Today at zone interviews president said were going to do something different today. You have ten minutes to find a contact you need to teach them a brief part of the plan of salvation and get their name and number for a follow up visit. We found a group of standbys or a bunch of teenager punks who i never "preach by the way" to because they usually end bad, but my companion said lets try them alright sige. We talked to them and there was a lot. I noticed that in big groups they sifted themselves out from the wheat from the tares the ones who werent interested walked away and the ones who stayed seemed okay and they gave exact addresses so i know they were. The point was if you dont doubt you can be successful. I really wish you could watch president monahan workshops. It's something like none other. So when i was in the hospital i was visited by the ward that was nice and president and sister monahan came to help me out. I dont think I'll go into the other details, but I'll just say it was bad. I dont know if the stone is out. I have no way to see if it is. The doctor says its a stone but he wasnt sure. He only had two teeth. Dad what is your advice for me so i never get that again. President said it might be because of the mineral water im drinking. I hope not because that's my only clean drinking water. So please let me know. The pain is gone but if it returns I'll probably go to manila for a ct scan. I loved your valentines card especially dubas " dont bring home a filipina". Here's the deal doobs. You find me the prettiest american mormon girl (that is temple worthy) that I'm not related to and you put her on hold and we have a deal midget. haha. Love you all thanks for the triple combination. I read psalms 23:4 a couple of times over when the pain got bad. I'm glad your safe mom from your trip. I worried about you. I love you all. And lexi why did you ask luke to sadies you wont be able to go to prom together?? teenagers never learn. haha ~Elder Barney

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