Friday, March 23, 2012


Kumusta kayo!
I didn't get into choir haha You needed three years of choir plus to go which is a bumber cause i showed up everyweek for choir and some kids showed up the last weeek just to get in. I guess i traded sports for choir oh well it was worth it. Elder Oaks came on sunday awesome talk. Thanks for the package it was everything that i needed. I should get my travel plans to day. Uhm yeah so i think you know but im not dl anymore im just senior companion, however, it has allowed me to loosen up time for studying and becoming a scriptorian. Ha! sorta...Uhm i can almost dunk haha connor could right before he left. I can touch the ball to the rim. Should have brought my bball shoes haha and i would be jumping out of the gym as much as a white kid could. Thank you!! for the package seriously. Perfect timing the price of the shipping made me cringe however so im gonna stop asking for stuff for christmas. Thank for keeping me posted the mtc teachers call outside talk "Babylon" i call it Vegas or amsterdam cause well babylon is soo old. Anyways i enjoy that stuff and i don't find it an issue to talk about in the proper setting. Tell dallin gud lak with the magtrak haha. I saq blake cowans brother the other day teaching a lesson while we praticing street contacts. Toph left this week to columbia the first white missionary to attend thier mtc what an honor ha. We got ronnie bulos to commit to baptism! haha he isnt real but the feeling seemed real to me hahahah.  its really brother mansfield honestly i have been blessed with great teachers trust me very lucky i have watched other classes and connor and toph have told me horror stories. Please keep sending me dear elders until i leave April 2 i love them. I look foward to them. I have a great family and i didn't fully understand that until i came here. Uhm...funny story the other day we were in priesthood and they wanted to sing a poor wayfaring man of grief and no one knew how to play it. They tried the first line acapela and it was garbage. I couldn't let them ruin mine and the prophet joseph's favorite song so i walked to the piano and started playing. Everyone just sat there in shock. hahaha. They were like you know music? I was like no...i know a poor wayfaring man of grief hahaha. If they ever need someone to play that i got it. I'll probably shoot pictures to ya soon sorry they take a while to develop. It is getting nice here that probably means AZ is starting to get nasty. Dad i loved your letter about dreams. I think it is cool that i finally get to attend a school my dad actually went to hahah. Lately my dreams have been this...Coach Alexander comes to me tells me that i have an hour to warm up for the 2 mile or 800 or mile. Yeah their actually called nightmares haha. Emotionaly scarred! just kidding. But yeah hopefully i can be as in tune as you and mom and warrant the amazing life experiences that you have both had. @nanay that sucks for elder agren there are a couple of elders that are gonna ruin thier missions for a woman. Pathetic. Honestly @tatay every story you told me every desirable trait that you thought i should have everything was correct. Never be afraid because christ has everything under control. mahal kita
-Elder Barney
"Labanan ang mabuting laban"-Pablo ang Apostol

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