Friday, March 2, 2012

Letter 2

Kamusta kayo? This week has been great Elder Holland came for our devotional on tuesday night and he was awesome. I joined the choir just in time so i was able to sing at it. The reason was the song was come thou fount. First choir participation for elder barney ever! haha, anyways i have eight elders in my district. We have no sisters which as time has gone in is a blessing and a hindrince. The blessing is that the petty fights they have don't get in the way of the work. The problem is they keep their classes on topic and the discussion off sports and girlfriends. And yeah....everyone thinks they have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. They asked me if i did but i don't neither does elder savage. We are getting along great...we are like peas and carrots as forrest gump once said! He is way easy going and he never gets mad for anything. Well we found out that our investigator was a teacher. Disappointment. I should have known that no one would travel to another country to attend UVU. Plus, one of his friends called during our appointment and i heard his friend talking in english while brother rodan aka really brother moffat was telling him to speak in tagalog. Now brother moffat is our teacher and i liked him better when he spoke in tagalog. He is kind one of those set three goals. Then set three subgoals for those goals and then so on and so on. Last night during training resource was probably the most difficult for all the elders to listen too. @Mom i get all of your letters and i love them. @Grandpa and Grandma yes i got the jerky and pasalamat! So how is romney doing haha? That's about the only news i care too hear that i can think of at the moment. Missionaries that are going out that i know and am friends with id like to know as well. @Lexi good luck with try outs, i know you will do great. Uhm...i don't get much time to write so it might be best to resort to dear elder while im in the mtc. I don't get much time to read and write. So reading your letters while im clocked in wastes time. Anyways this week i have memorized the first vision and our purpose. Big goal for monday is memorize it in tagalog and my companion was hesitant about it but i know we got this is we ask for help. This week has been centered around the doctrine of christ which began with our sunday night film session from a talk from elder bednar...probably his best talk ever unfortunately only missionaries i think are able to watch those. Oh... wait elder holland's talk was about keeping in the church after our mission basically. He did what he did best...which is using getting people on board with the will of the lord. I think the brethren are extremely worried about the amount of missionaries  that leave after our mission. I think the statistic was six percent became active by five years of coming home. Preach my gospel interstingly enough was inspirtation given to president hinkley on how to  better help missionaries become converted to christ. That is our goal as humans testimonies are only the beginning and through the book of mormon it is clear from many prophets that those that are truly converted to christ will never forsake the gospel. That was the epitome of elder bednar's talk. Uhm being district leader my responsibilities basically a glorified mail getter for my elders. i don't think they realize how difficult it is and they are a lazy group when our teacher leaves the room and talk alot and when i try to invite them to study they they mag-si-ar which is to go to the restroom or write letters or yeah. So the only way to effectively study sadly enough is to take my companion who is a hard worker and we across the hall. President stott is my branch president and him and i get along very well. And i really like his counselors. We are a self problemsolving district, however, one of my elders scheduled a meeting with president stott because of tesimonial issues. Stake presidents and bishops should never never ever ever pass an elder into the mtc who doesn't have a tesimony and who as far as everyone can see is an athiest. I know that raising the bar was inspired and i truly understand its importance. On a lighter note...miracles do happen and the spirit really does communicate with us. Through music, a painting, a church leader, parents, and even a humble companion and so on and so on. I have learned the importance of its guidance and the power of the priesthood. Renew your testimony everyday. When you wake up sucker punch lucifer in the face by praying. I see it as letting him know that..that day you're beginning is not his but yours and the godhead's. I love the letters you send. I love all of you. I love the legacy of faith that i have on both sides of my family. I am so lucky to have toph and connor in the mtc with me. Everyone is maturing and i am so excited to get into the field even though i am not yet ready as far as the language goes hahaha.
@pamilya ko. do the little things like president holmes said prayer, book of mormon reading and everything spiritual will make the difference. The temple was awesome today love you lots.
fight the good fight
Kita Kits,
Elder Barney

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