Friday, March 9, 2012

Letter 3

Kamusta Kayo! Feel free to delete this next sentance when forwarded...please do not read my patriarchial blessing anymore...i say that not because i am mad but please do not.. thank you. Thank you grandmas and grandpas for the letters that you send me i love them. I am good in the candy department but thank you so much. @Dad haha i worked out next to a snow college football player the other day.  looks like they just about accept anyone to play there hhaha just messin. Today i went to the temple. The people are very particular there and very exact it can be frustrating ill leave it at if you feel you need to cut anything i say because it is edgy feel free to do say what can i say im a barney. This last week the head or grand poobah of missionary work David Evans spoke to us on tuesday. sunday was alex boy a black singer who converted to mormonism. Lot of the boys liked him, and didn't like david evans because he didn't speak with the granduer or sing or crack as many jokes alex boye. When i say boys i mean elders. I felt bad because he had amazing things to say about the book of mormon. Like read it from cover to cover to gain a testimony of it. even read the testimonies. When doing missionary work don't expect someone to gain a testimony of the book if they have only read from the visitation of christ on. the entire book. I like tagalog a lot! It is not an educated language like bishop andrews said but it has words to describe emotions and common day to day human interactions that make an amazing language to use to describe emotions or express oneself. Also our teacher said to thank a spanierd because the spanish changed thier indic alphabet to the spanish one haha. So we don't have to deal with the silly symbols that most asian missionaries have to deal with. @mom loved the peas and carrots. we was like peas and carrots. They were good and as a joke during TRC which is basically a program that allows rm's to come back and speak with us in the language and we share a message with them to keep them strong in the gospel. Basically, a RM rehabilitation program that one day i will find myself in or maybe i will teach at the mtc who knows. I'm glad to hear brady is going to byu-i his testimony and knowledge of the book of mormon will skyrocket going there. Let him know that i felt prompted this week about Dylan Lusi. Dylan needs the missionaries. I don't know what needs to be done but please help brady to carry that out. I am ashamed that i didn't do mroe when i came back from college. I have implemented a plan as DL to have the NT read by the end of the mtc. Most elders have only read luke two and the book of revelations. We are going to a hotbed of catholcism and we have to know it. I have also made the language learning more like a college class. Due dates, or goals etc. My elders are doing great! The ZL and his group leave this next week to Quezon city north which is sad except....Elder Aloafua who is a 5'6'' three hundred pound samoan who is going to the south part of the pilipinas because no one in thier right mind would say hey i got a good idea...lets smuggle a giant, samoan away to ransom him to his family. I leave APRIL 2

sorry i on accident hit send bahaha. anyways i don't know what to really say. My tagalog is coming along. I get a letter everyday...thanks to mom. I get to go the temple every saturday and enjoy thier delicious bacon and gravy and biscuits and lemonade. my companion and i get along. The scriptures are coming alive for me in a way that i wish they had in seminary...Im in choir(baratone) basically where they send the kids who can't sing but we get hushed up by the bases...I get a seventy or apostle to speak to me every tuesday night... I have family and friends that love me...i get to the see the twins almost once a day. I am the luckiest kid in the world. The only thing icould ask for is a real person to share the gospel with and not a teacher hahaha. and i think i will get a ton of that in the pilipinas. You don't need to send me nail clippers i found dem! I also sewed my first buttons on my suit. bloody buttons. I have enough money for my needs im set no worries. Keep the rabbit healthy, keep doobie out of fights in softball, lexi away from boys, mom away from bunko, don't irritate dad to the point where he has no hair when i get back. Thats about all i can think of. I'm going to send you another handwritten letter soon. I drew my rendition of where im at and where your at. Its good the mesa proportions good do some wortk but i worked you into the picure. Don't showanyone. I'm glad Romney is ahead! thank goodness. i leave on a mission and he finally does good. Maybe the sox will win this year while im away too hahaha. Hopefully the world doesn't end this year but if it does,hahah, im on a mission and i dont have to be ashamed when jesus asks me what were you doing with your time when i came. You can all say the same. Talking with missionaries im glad where i was raised it kept me in check and even though mountain view is well you know lexi!! there is always tomorrow which is college and endure it well. Duba i love you...good luck with softball.
Fight the Good fight
-Elder Barney

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