Friday, March 16, 2012

Letter 4

Kamusta po kayo!
Hopefully this email sends the computers here are garbage haha! Well this week has been good i am no longer DL we made the switch and our ZL's headed out some stayed behind for root canals so im glad cause thier way chill. They informed me that ill be the travel leader because they pick travel leader by alphabetical order. That will make some elders mad...seriously. Plus its ironic because @dad i feel like i should respectfully decline hahaha. Jokes on you im really gonna be the travel leader. I'll pray not to lose the flight plans and ill be aright ha. This week has been fun. We have come with lots of ways to have fun. One is called the spoon game. You take a spoon from the cafeteria and place it in someonesjacket before they leave the cafeteria and they have to go back to take it back once they find it hayhah. The other thing we do is when we get substitute teachers we switch our name tags halfway through the lesson lawlz. We got one so good. He said elder brown please read the following sentance and we had switched behind his back and i started reading. I kept a straight face...he looked like he just got asked a calculus question he was so confused hahah. Anyways those are some of the things we do for fun,. We have a basketball hoop in our room that an elder brought. It is a U of U one. Fortuneately it broke after our six six 270 lb district leader thought he could dunk on it. Im glad i don't have to stare at that anymore. Anyways we get out travel plans next weeek its cray. Uhm @dad thnaks for the march madness update some of the elders are making copies of a bracket that one kids mom sent. They asked if i wanted in but ill wait until two years from now cause i don't even know one thier tourneys stuff like that. Most people have Kansas going all the way. Yeah so im in choir and the other day they handed out slips to see if we could go to general conference and sing in the choir. They wanted to know if we had experience. I don't know how many thier taking but with my singing career i don't think ill get picked. elder savage will though he used to sing and play guitar for a band. I said i have been in the stake choir and ward choir. I talked my self up as much as i could without lying haha. I sung at a youth stake fireside one time and i sung with the young men in front of our ward one time. So yeah, we will see. Most people said please pick me i want to see the prophet! hahaha. I shoul have gone for the pity plight. Yeah mom i heard you talked to elder savage's mom and you added her on face book. Don't do anything on there i wouldnt do ahhah. Uhm...tungkol sa pictures hmmm.. im working on it i have like five. I sent kylie a birthday present hopefully its gets there soon. By the sound of your letter yesterday mom! it doesn't sound like it made it for her birthday but i love my bear. Don't Wash the Red Sox hat! or you will bring a curse upon red sox nation. I promise D thats my world series hat. Don't letanyone other you and lou wear it.
I saw some girls from singles ward at BYU ward walking down from the temple this morning that was weird to say the least hahaha! Thanks Mom for writing me everyday! I like the bandit stories! Uhm let me know what you do for spring break ill be spending mine in the philippines hahaha. Oh i talked to Brother Moffat about coming to pick me up. He said he doesn't advise it...i'll leave it at that. We do this TRC thing basically a RM rehabilitation center and i want to join it after my mission. Anyways because i went to BYU its awesome to be able to relate to them like giving them ideas of how they can retain some of the spirit they had on thier mission so they don't Crash. Favorite part of the week. @DBear its okay you didn't get to run i cant remember the enitrety of the letter but Dannis is a punk and you keep doing you!  @Lou good like with da tree-outs let me how they go if they haven't gone @Dad letme know how romney's doing
i liked your letter about your class. Seriously president's promise that the scriptures will ome alive for me is alive in ways that i didn't think were possible
I feel like i'm the little kid i used to be when i would watch the living scripture movies. My dream is that i can stand on a soapbox and preach in some town like Dan Jones or Paul. I'm reading in ether sa ang aklat ni mormon and in St. John sa ang biblia. I'm getting really excited to share my two paragraph long testimony with anyone who will listen in the pilipinas hahah. Cause thats what i can do pray, bear testimony, and teach the four lessons in tagalog. So keep in touch i get the dead elders everyday except sat and sun before 12 i believe. "A"dios
Fight the good Fight
nang taos-puso,
Elder Barney

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