Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hopefully this letter gets to you! Well my pday is a day early because of general conference. So here is my flight plan:
SF, California AR:10:55PM
SF, California LV: 1:10 AM
Hong Kong AR:6:15 AM
Hong Kong LV: 8:05AM
Manila AR:9:55AM
I'll will probably call from San Fran. If i have a lot of time ill call you all in SLC. Tell Brother and Sister Johnson thank you for the cookies ill send them a letter that was nice of them. Tell D that i get her letters and lexi as well. I am so excited to get there. As long as i have the spirit... my testimony which i have down and the first vision will be more than enough. The people i heard are the kindest most generous people in the world. I met a pilipino mysenero the other day Elder Bautista he was way chill. I wish i would have asked dad more stories about them when he spent his time in the navy. I hope one day when i serve in the navy that i will have tons of filipinos so i can speak to them and keep my tagalog up! I have met a lot of kids from fallon here. Good elders! they all know ernie they wanted to know what ward i said the fifth i had no clue. I am set for the philipines though. Thanks mom for the stuff i am eating the gardettos right now. Uhm..a guy in our branch presidency who just got transfered opened Baguio in 1962. His name is brother howard. He hasspent a decade in missionary service over there. As a mission president and so on and so forth. Uhm i have began reading ang aklat ni mormon. With the help of my English-Tagalog dictionary which has a picture of the rice terraces from the Baguio mission in them. People are sick and tired of teachers and past mission presidents from the philippines telling us how lucky Elder Savage and I are to go to Baguio. Haha. Its cool and mountainy and has sea what else could an elder want. Thats cool about track! 1:53 by wheat wow. Dallin and I got the sametime then at rotary i guess i didn't stink that bad afterall hahaha. Anyways hope everything is good at home Eduardo Gavarret spoke at our fireside the other night and told us not worry about home. Whatever you do just stay in places that you wouldn't mind taking Jesus with you too and i will have nothing to worry about. But seriously i don't worry because what is bound on earth is bound in heaven. Hey Hey! please send me the quote by brigham young goes something like this  "....i will build the kingdom of god until my heart bends to the will of my hands" something like that. Just email it to me please if you can. Brother Howard kinda reminds me a willard richards kind of guy. Anyways he promised us that we would see miracles in the philippines to the likes of those that were performed in the times Joseph Smith and the times of Christ and the old testament. The people of the land are misguided yet they are god fearing and humble and those two attributes will invoke the blessings of heaven. I am bummed though i won't be able to attend the temple for two years but..hopefully ill be at the ground breaking for the temple in Erdeneta i think that is how it is spelled anyways. Im reading in Revelations almost done with the new testament and im in numbers in the ot. reading the OT...yaa this might be the last time i ever do that hahaha. I'll stick to my DC and Book of Mormon. I just wanted to read up you know. but yeah im learning a lot. I have been blessed with amazing teachers in here just like i have been promised with. Thats cool mom about the 28 elders hahah. I don't know if it is a good idea to get a bunch of woman together who miss their boys together haha. If you do don't do it in a public place like a restaurant...just kidding. I really like my picture book. Maybe when im in the philippines send me the picture of me on the horse.  Thank for the watch and everything i like it! its great and for everything. Oh i don't use the word tomboy in english anymore when describing the dub. Its a bad word in tagalog haha Ignat
Elder Barney
Labanan ang mabuting laban

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