Monday, April 9, 2012


kumusta kayo!
So my companion is a filipino from cebu he is very good trainer. He knows enough english to get buy. I have been stationed in San Quinton. The most eastern part of the mission. The people are nice but the kids are scared of me because im tall and white and im the only white person i have seen in a couple of days. My apartment is nice! I have a desk and a bed.  I hate the mga gagambas (spiders) though. We have a papaya tree out back, but i only go out there to throw trash in the trash hole because there are pythons out there. I have a taglaba (laundryperson) who washes my clothes. I placed my first ang aklat ni mormon (BofM) yesterday to a trike rider. He accepted but he is too busy to listen because of his job. I am in the rosales zone, yeah all the towns and names are spanish kind of funny dad...bunch of asians with spanish name. Im the tallest person for miles. My zone leaders are chill. I eat peanut butter and jellies everyday because im lazy and porridge for breakfast or oats with energen~! yaa! Tonight we are going to the house of a member for kanin and adobo. Rice! is what most people eat everday because its cheap but i have enough money from the mtc that i didnt spend that i can hold onto my american food. The member kids are starting to like me! Now that they know my last name is barney it kind of makes me less threatening and they love me. General conference was good for the second time. Uhm the turn out for sunday morning was amazing but in the afternoon not so much. Haha?  I didnt understand why because if you travel all the way from san quinton to rosales you might as well stay for the whole thing. oh well. I have met most of the members. The iglesia ni cristo (Church of Christ) members want to bible bash tuesday but thier in for a treat. We're just gonna talk about the book of mormon hahaha. Well my companion will... ill provide scriptures from the book. Haha. Uhm most people here speak ilocano and they dont like speaking in tagalog but they do because im white and my companion is cebuano. Uhm next week we get to hike to some waterfalls for our pday which is cool because their in our zone. Uhm holy week was crazy the catholic processions were actually scary they looked like zombies out of movie pressing through the streets with lights and the virgin mary on top of a coffin looking thing. uhm they also whip themselves and crucify themselves in order to show thier devotion to god but yeah dad you already know all about this. But that is my purpose is to bring others unto the one true god by helping them receive the restored gospel. Seeing them follow those traditions makes me understand the dire need of the true gospel in thier life. Uhm i went to the mall the other day in rosales to get my support and their malls are very nice. Very comparable to a fiesta mall. I ate at mcdos!  The other day...every transfer we get to and it was good. I have had some filipino food and its pretty darn good! Their rice is a lot better but im to lazy to cook it for my self lots of soy sauce red peppers garlic onions and potatos. Uhm the dogs here are worse than mexican dogs they are everywhere and i told my companion they need to be shot. He didn't like that idea. I also told him that we should leave our pesticide out in a dish like uncle mel did with some chicken to kill our neighbors dogs and roosters who wake me up at  3 in the morning. OMIT... next part if necessary. our neighbors remind me of something i just read in 2nd nephi and revelations the other day. We have a catholic church slash house on our right. And on our left we have house full of undesirables...woman who follow after the worlds oldest profession...yeah. Great and abominable church on one side and on the other side we have the bad ladies but we dont see them. I love the families we have been teaching lots of reactivation and retention lessons. Which is good but im excited for tuesday when we get to teach investigators. Yeah dad maligayang pasko means merry christmas, but i dont know what easter is they don't really call it that here.  They just have good friday and the catholic names for things. Stay strong, keep me updated with romney and be grateful for toilet paper. Don't send me anything please until christmas or birthday very expensive.  If you mail me something mark it as a gift because it is cheaper that way, and put a virgin mary or jesus christ sticker on the box. Once i get settled ill send dad's and lexis kaarawan (birthday) stuff.

"Labanan ang mabuting laban"
Elder Barney

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