Monday, April 16, 2012


Kumusta Kayo?

My address is:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Philippines Baguio Mission
Elder Taylor Barney
PO Box 7
Brgy: San Vicinte East
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 2428

That is the mission home so recheck on the website to make sure that is correct. Just got back from hiking some water falls for my pday. That was awesome! I was able to take some great pictures finally. There isnt much to take pictures of here in the town its about the size of fallon. 40,000 i would say. Its okay to litter here. And its okay for the kids to run around naked and pee in the gutters out in front of your house hahaha. Thanks dad, mom, kylie anne, and lou for the emails and grandparents and bishop and everyone. Yes you can give my address to anyone. Whats it gonna hurt? diba? Uhm lets see this week has been good. No lessons taught to new investigators because we have been just trying to work with less actives, recent converts, and returning members. I love the Tobias family especially. They treat me great even though i dont know tagalog and really try to help me and they invited us to their daughters birthday party the other day. Speaking of birthdays happy birthday Dad! At her birthday they do a thing called birthday messages. So i want to give you a birthday day message which includes advice and words kindness. My advice is to keep doing what your doing. Never fall. There are so many bad dads here, but there are some really good fathers. The father can really unite a home. I want you to know that i love you and i think about you mom and girls everyday. Every family night i look through my picture book. I'm proud that you are my dad. I talked about you in my talk last sunday. They wanted me to speak for fifteen minutes on missionary work, and i did it. Mix of tagalog and english. (taglish)  I wouldn't have been able to do that before my mission no way. I said that you are the greatest example of missionary in my life because you and mom know how to share the gospel in a natural way because you do not judge.  You have the spirit you know how to handle rejection. Anyways the girl turned 14. She reminds me of D. Her name is jethros tobias. The people here are not smart in the things of the world, but in the things of gospel, and the scriptures there is no comparison. They are well read and know how to communicate the gospel truths. Lets see crazy stories so many! My companion likes bugs! Every morning there is a new giant bug in the bathroom they climb through the pipes. One day it was a flying huge cockroach, the other day a spider the size of lexis hand. One day a fever bee i dont know what their called really, but they are huge black and if they getcha you fever for a week. Really poisonous. I keep tally of how many mosquitoes i have killed with the zapper tennis racket. 16!  Yeah you can say that im kinda like a jedi or something. I have been taking pictures pero i need a card reader which i should buy today in the big city tayug. hahaha. not really. so i can send pictures and not get a virus from these computers. What else. Oh yeah some of the boys in the ward finally got circumcised the other day. They really wanted to show us when we were at their compound. That was nice. hahaha. Good thing i have quick reflexes. They wait until their about 8 here. The next story is probably not a story you should share with anyone else who isnt family. People here are very superstitious. If a cow dies they think its a vampire.  Anyways, in our apartment the other day my companion was complaining that he keeps seeing a woman in our apartment. sort of a apparation. The elder before him had a hard time sleeping in there as well his previous companion. I then asked has the apartment been blessed. He said no... i was shocked! The house of missionaries wasnt even blessed. I felt like i could bless it so, we came home one night and i blessed the home according to the white hand book. The entire atmosphere of the room changed. I never saw her or anything but i did feel at unease. I was able to learn and study in there a lot easier and i felt less angry thoughts towards my companion when he did or said ridiculous things.  The priesthood is real i have seen it soften hearts and i have seen it heal. I have had a few interesting dreams here as well. I know what i have solidified and what i want to do for a career. I know that one day i will have a beautiful daughter. You are so lucky to live where you do. The people here are happy but they know no different. We are lucky to have been raised in the covenant because by happen chance a missionary who wasnt in tune with the spirit might have missed us. I really try to have the spirit with me. I used to think the stories would never pertain to me, but i have felt the spirit work through me. I did find a golden investigator. He wanted to talk to me and not elder tan which is weird because i dont speak english.  Im kinda ignored because i speak to slow, and i have weird word choice hahaha. The Lord has given me experiences to lift me. Fear...that feeling always allows me to know when i really need to talk to an investigator or person. How is romney doing? Everyone here wants to know haha. Im tired of being called amerikano and jo hahaha. They all say "Hae jo wa shore name." Their accent is different than anyone thing i have ever heard it definantly isnt spanish. Anyways, labanan ang mabuting laban. good luck with everything

Elder Barney

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