Monday, April 23, 2012


Kamusta kayo!
What a week! the branch is having their branch activity at a water park and president jensen let us go. No swimming of course, but we get to eat and watch and talk to the members...and no water parks here are not the same as they are in states haha. Two swimming pools and a slide, but they are having a blast. We are at a outside internet cafe down the street in the urdaneta zone. Last week i was able to see elder savage and that was awesome! hahaha we both are holding onto our pbjs as long as possible. Even the filipinos are trying them because their easy to make and quick and taste m\delicious. Glad brock is back safe and doing well. Wish i could see his homecoming!  I'll see him soon enough. Cray stories of the week. We saw one of our pamphlets in the street and by the looks of it, it had been used for toilet paper and by the smell of it. I guess i'm just glad their not using their hand. If i saw a ang aklat ni mormon used for tp i might go ballistic!  I try not to be judgmental when i hand them out, but i want people to realize how important it is and only to accept it if they will treat with care and not as a fire starter. What else....we are teaching a recently defected muslim woman. As we were walking up the path to her home we got to witness her beating one of her kids treading for being pasuway or bad. The little girl proceeded to cry and walk to the house, but she didnt want her mother to get the best of her so she picked up a stone about the size of my palm and chucked it at her moms back. yeah....lets just say we werent able to teach her that day. The spirit definantly was not there after that incident. Uhm we have one baptismal date but because of the issues with lasting conversion teenagers have to consistently attend church for three months which is disheartnening because i will never see his baptism. We are teaching a family right now who are gung ho on getting baptized, but they wont keep their commitments. They want to because the mother's brother is a bishop in taiwan and he is a great example. It seems like everyone has a relative in the church here. They showed his picture and he looks like a filipino version of dad hahaha. seriously so funny. Happy birthday uncle aaron!  You're finally over the hump! I need to figure out how i will call for mothers day it is difficult to call here in the philippines.  I witnessed my first miracle the other day. Similar to Eliza in the movie legacy. They have faith that is why they are healed. amazing. Uhm what else 85 percent of the philippines is inactive yikes! so that is why our focus is the rescue.  I'm proud to say baguio has the highest activity rate hopefully we can keep it going. President Jensen is awesome. Well adios!  
Elder Barney

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