Monday, April 30, 2012


Que pasa! kamusta kayo
So yeah this week has been good! It is very difficult, but i have been able to practice what i preach concerning prayer and i have been able to open my own personal connection with Christ in a real way that i never experienced before my mission. My testimony of the book of mormon and joseph got me on a mission, but now my testimony of christ will get me through my mission. Dad about your difficult home teaching family… sorry i didn’t adress that in my last letter. Just listen to him.  He needs someone to vent to and explain to him that you have gone through similiar things, but just share your pure testimony like Alma and show kindness and be his friend. Prepare his heart for the future. His daughter will be that future when she comes home he will see the change in her and she will be able to plant a seed because you were the tiller and rain that softened the soil. You are no less important in this work then the person who plants the seed. Moses never saw Israel,  joseph never saw utah, and you and i and many other missionaries may never see the fruits of our labors until the next life, but our purpose may not be to see the fruit of our labors. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto christ by sharing the restored gospel with them through deed and word. Uhm other things of note i wrote down some things to say so i dont run out of things to say. There is a town or city called sevilla in my mission. when i saw that i was so excited! Uhm at nights some times i can see the road to baguio lit up on its way to the mountains. It is an awesome thought that one day i will go there. It is good im here in san quinton as a starting area to learn the language because the people in baguio are well learned rich and less likely to listen to the gospel. Uhm also forgot to tell you i saw the kid from the day i went through the temple for the first time at the mtc the one going to new york. He was nice and it was cool to see him. The branch mission leader has been called finally here and were rolling. We have only one investigator who is progressing and one more on the way but that is because the standards for baptism are tight and many of the people here are not married and that causes a huge problem. Our branch is going on a temple trip in May.  If one of the families asks us to witness their sealing then maybe president jensen will let us go to manila which would be awesome. Thank you for sending a package mom and family! Well dad baseball is starting to begin so hopefully the socks pull it together this season. One cool experience this week was one day we walking in front of our church and all the youth and their friends play basketball and volleyball out on the side of the church.  We noticed a boy and his friends staring at them from outside the fence and he looked distraught. So we went and talked to him to do a “preach by the way” before we bought soda (which i have gained a taste for here but dont worrry i take care of my teeth). Anyways we started talking to him and we asked him what church he belonged to there are many in san quinton and he said he was a mormon! We were like wahh. He was like yeah my family moved from ilocos and i havent been in a while and i have been working up the courage to attend again. We then took him into the court introduced him to everyone and he became happy at once. He attended the service project we had on sat and then attended church and it was awesome. Even though not many people will listen and follow commitments, we have had so much success bringing the lost back to the church and there is no one better in the world at fellowshipping than filipinos even with all their weaknesses they excel in this category. Well good luck, i pray for you and many others. Pray always follow the holy ghost…it will never lead you wrong. That’s what joseph said to brigham after his death. He returned to earth to tell him that truth, so it must be of great worth and i know it is. Well adios!

Labanan ang mabuting laban.
Elder Barney

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