Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey just arrived sa pilipinas! I'll be sending you more emails to add to your forwarding list Dad.  "Blowflex" Johnson I'll get my teachers emails to you next pday i just got out of a get to know you interview with President Jensen extremely nice his wife is as well. I slept with elder savage at the AP house last night which is very very nice. I won't get the same luxury. Uhm yeah the flights were killer. Everyone was asian on my flight. Uhm i talked to everyone around me on my flights which made it go faster when i wasn't sleeping. My pdays here are normally lunes. We get to watch general conference again with the members again this weekend which i am excited for. I get assigned tomorrow until then i'll be in orientation. This week is holy week here in the pilipinas. On the flight from hong kong to manila i was surrounded by the extremely religious and roman catholic nuns and priests. One filipino told me that my companion and i were going to be fish among alligators. I told him thank you for the information and went back to sleep. His point he was trying to drive home was that my companion and i needed to catch the next flight back to wherever the heck i came from. The long flight i did sit next to a man who was from chicago and was on his way to vietnam to build a school with some vietnam vets. He was very respectful in fact his wife and him used to invite missionaries over there to feed them and then discuss religion. He told me he would pray for me. When someone from another religion tells you that they will pray for you i don't know if that means they like ya or if they will pray that you come to know the error of your ways and stop this mission nonsense. People here in the philippines are nice. Nothing like i imagined. I have seen poor in Haiti, Mexico, and Phoenix but nothing like here. People like to pee in the streets here. Its my kind of country. Joklang! haha. If you saw the way people drove you would die. Probably similar to spain, pero they don't get in many accidents. They lost my bags in manila that was a nightmare, pero i found it. Just had to wait an hour and a half, and missed my bus to urdaneta where i am currently at. It is green here and very humid. I like it. I sweat a lot but i dont stink. Working out this morning let me tell ya was barely anything but i looked like i had just jumped into a river. Anyways they took me to a bus station and luckily i had converted some of my money to pesos at the airport which i was told to hold on to because it is very expensive at the airport. But i had a feeling and luckily we did because we would have been stranded in manila. Six hour bus drive. yesterday was a force fast. We only drank water because i didn't know about the food. But its awesome here. Never been happier. I did wake up at 5 this morning wide awake haha. But i feel alright make sure that you send this to flex cause he has no idea that im not in kansas anymore. Let dallin know as well, and tell him good luck with track and im proud of him. Once i get a hang of things around here dad ill send you a birthday something. It might come with lexis present if that tells you how long it will take me to understand this place. The AP keeps telling us we know a lot, but i think he is being nice. The filipinos tell me he same. They're too nice to tell us otherwise which is the reason so many people join the church and then leave because they don't want to tell you NO, and they want to do what you ask of them. My goal is bring others until Christ that is the goal of all missionaries. The baptized and the unbaptized. I read a great verse today in D and C what is of most worth of us to do in this life is to cry repentance unto the people. So i am finally doing something of great worth, and when we do something that is truly worthwhile we are happy. Mom i want you to know i am happy and safe. The Lord didn't send me here to fail. He desires me to feel my self worth and show others their self worth. Our worth is great in the eyes of God. Talk to ya on lunes. ill let you know my address info so you can update my info on fb. 
'labanan ang mabuting laban!"

~Elder Barney

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