Monday, July 23, 2012


Well let me know if you are now forwarding my letters to my teachers thank you! Well its been a really good week. I have learned a lot from some of our new investigators and new less active people that we have found. Dont worry about the news. I like hearing that stuff i only get it once a week. Anyways who is romneys running mate again? So im glad new york was fun. Uhm so i tried "balot" for the first time this week. Not terrible but im not gonna be begging for it. I had an interview with president it was good, eye opening, and he was able to answer my questions other than one. Who is raphael? His name here on earth. I know if there is an answer here on earth you can find it haha. Frederick was baptized it was a night baptism. They turned on the font before the cultural show thought it was filling up slower than expected and they baptized the church. yeah.....good thing the ground is tile. Anyways they cleaned up the tile and the baptism was a sucess. Church the next day was not because for some reason everyone chose the exact same day to be sick and busy so yeah that was scary but next week will be better. Once you get them in the pen they jump out again haha. Anyways president said we have a great companionship and we are effective. He told me that mom went up and talked to him, but he wasnt bothered. He didnt say what she said. I didnt want to be on his radar from the git go...but now i am. Its kind of like a hey were both from arizona so i know where you live, i expect a lot of you, and im gonna keep an eye on you which may be good or bad. Anyways he is not a yankees fan, but a dodgers fan. ayos! He can hang out with the mexis on the west coast thats fine. He said that I was literally an "A"postle which was cool to hear. And he wanted to hear my personal goals for my mission. I had some but i hadnt really written them down so that prompted me to get them written. Im doing good. Its rained pretty good. I was able to teach my first investigator in a family setting yesterday which was Awesome. She finally will listen to the missionaries so we started the lessons. The rest of her family is baptized she was defensive at the beggining like ill listen but ill kinda die a catholic and do i have to be baptized to be one of you. She had a friend that she brought over who was born again and by the end of the discussion the spirit won them over. We answered thier questions using the book of mormon honestly the best lesson i have ever been apart of. The born again will bring her family next time which is unheard of. So the lord is blessing the work. But of course there is always drama in the early days of the church and everything we are working for might get hurt if the members dont repent but our branch pres is good. really good. It is amazing what jealousy can do to a person. But i like the news please dont leave it out please dont. Haha yeah new york doesnt have anything on some of the stuff here. Were definantly safe though i have no doubt. People here are funny a lot of people know the church is right but their so hard headed that they will never convert. Iglesia ni cristo is a problem for us but its all good. Love the spanish i will learn it dad by the end of my life i promise haha. There isnt a reason why i cant in arizona plus i live with a spaniard. Well the baguio mission was selected to do a survey on the internet today. so we got more time on the computer today. He told me that me and him have the same problem. We are too serious and we are always looking for the next thing to get down and forget the moment. It was kind of a backhanded compliment because i have been really working on being more bouncy like a spencer frame and i have gotten really good but i guess i have more room to improve. He said if i go inactive after my mission he has no problem coming to my house and chewing me out. He has softened a bit and is more like a dad than a leader this last week. He said the bagyos or storms are coming and we need to store water. Dont worry i can actually filter any water as in any water. You'd be surprised at the water i have filtered. I havent tried toilet water yet i dont think i will. Well the work is good. A minimum of one baptism for each transfer cycle which is really tough but we can do and we have been given the permission to do it. We just have to baptize smart. And i hope i can say we did. We had special cases ut they were priesthood special cases so yeah good. Well the lyons are nice to do that to give you thier apartment. Yeah so i went running when i was on splits with some americans. One was a football player, the other was swimmer, and a filipino basketball player. they have been training for a while hehe. So they convinced me to run with them. I used their companions shoes and we went jogging. I didnt show off. I tried to talk during the run, but they were intense about it.They were all...i thought you played football in high school I was yeah i did but i was also on the mountain view distance crew haha...and actually now I'm in running shape again. Well i cant dunk a basketball anymore because i dont work out. A lot of walking has just made me skinny but i dont think i have any worms. If i do I'meating for two so its all good. Well Adios, love you all remember Jacob 6:12 Be safe. Good luck d and lou and you too mum. Ulit  Elder Barney

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