Monday, July 9, 2012


Thank you for the emails. Well alright president monahan is here and he isn't short. You said he was short. He is really smart, he is all about truly making disciples of christ, he likes baseball, and the trombone. He was in the air force and he was a lawyer. He met and married his wife here. He is a convert never served a mission and Loves the apostle Paul, so yeah it was kind of love at first sight. He wants to learn tagalog and he is self taught in spanish. He was promised by elder oaks that he would be able to speak in Tagalog before he left. He has a lot of work to do haha me as well. He scared a lot of people with his first talk, but i just laughed cause he's just a gold old arizona boy. Thank you for the address. President mentioned President Holmes in his talk that was cool, and he answered some big life questions for me in like 5 minutes of speaking. I cant imagine what else he has in his head and listening to him speak is a great opportunity. I have 1 and half years to listen.. I have zone interviews with him on the 19th and i have prepared some really spiritual questions for him like...who would win in a fight  a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco and are you a boston or a yankees fan. Ha just kiddin but their good questions. Well the work is progressing, the boy who at first was afraid to talk to me, wants me to baptize him. I was shocked. Ishould try to allow his cousin who is preparing for a mission to perform the ordinance either way he's getting baptized. He is scared when we asked him about coffee that is a huge problem here but were getting them to switch to MILO or ENERGEN haha so thier kicking the habits. Well im glad youre having a good summer, and yes lexi summers are only boring if youre boring so get out! Yes i will be sending a letter. Well what's the news with the world? Im not too whole concerned with the sports world unless its something like nash getting traded what!? or big stuff. Like about wars, obama, and all other kinds of evil. Yeah can you give my address to anyone. Who is engaged haha please dont say lots of girls are engaged and not say anything that stuff cracks me up. Thank goodness i dont have to join the dear johned club. Whats the trick to not getting dear dont have a girlfriend haha. Well my tagalog is okay. I can trick people in the province into thinking im fluent. Im doing okay i dont have any pictures im waiting on them. Lexi...Positive attitudes? Well the cliche is you are the only one that controls your attitude no? So yeah easier said than done. There are two types of happiness. worldly and celestial one is burning just on lighter fluid and the other has a nice fire place and an eternity of fire wood and most of the time in campouts it takes awhile to get that nice steady camp fire going. Just like eternal happiness it takes time. Scripture reading, learning, family time, prayers, temple and church attendance. Anyways yes i love watching sports, but what will i do without them after this life only eternal happiness exists there. So don't fill your life with superficial happiness and (if's then's) If i was richer or more handsome or beautiful then...i would be so much more this...yeah. Honestly a good attitude depends on what you are filling your life with. Please dont say you quoted me in your talk Lexi. But yeah we just had two long-faught returned members come back.. im doing good. We have one IBD july 21 Frederick Merrera. Well things are good i want more rain but i better be careful what i wish for. I'm glad chelsea is going to USU awesome. Wish her good luck in track for me maybe ill catch a meet after my mission. Mahal ko kayo at alalahanin ninyong basahin ang aklat ni mormon araw-araw this email was brought to you by ~Kuya Barney
**Oh i was also privileged to confirm Francisco, and two little girls that we baptized this last week. Franciscos was amazing. San quinton is growing because we had two members really old less active members die and then three just joined so yeah we're one up now.  So dad, president monahan loves the apostle paul and talked a lot about him it was awesome for me. How are the barneys doing? How is cecilia doing in the job hunt. Well im sure their slandering us hard over the romney race. President Monahan was talking about it. He is pretty fiery kind of like Elder Holland. He said, "all those that slander our revelation (these iglesia ni cristos and our christian brethren) will NEVER! be able to come between you and your personal connection with heaven..never". He wasn't yelling but it was powerful. Sister monahan is nice. He is pretty intense haha. but i like him. sige Adios

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