Monday, July 16, 2012



So im here in SM Carmen and yeah basically the whole office is here. Lots of missionaries even president (im sure to keep an eye on everyone) haha. Anyways who is romneys running mate?, is anyone building in the neighborhood?. Im glad that mom, lou, and the doobs made it through camp. I'm doing fine. Thank you for the stories, balita(or news), and the words. We have another baptism on saturday Frederick Merrera! We are trying to build a priesthood base. We are getting some to come back but people are funny sometimes the parents take turns going to church or the people like to do the every other week thing. I'm interested to read the letter of dad about his mission/members. Baptizing is not an issue here....bringing people unto christ is. If i ask a person who were your missionaries a good majority of the active ones forgot who they were until they looked up thier names. Most of the ones who are inactive instantly remember their missionaries first because they got baptized for THEM. Every time i extend a commitment i try to get them to do it for the right reasons and its working. Well i saw the biggest spider i have ever seen in my life the other night haha. I'll try to get a picture. I'm having a hard time getting the pictures from other missionaries if i dont take the pictures on my own camera. Well its been pretty hot and dry for the last couple of days, but i need to buy some rubber shoes for the monsoons. Lexi please keep that kind of news coming thats the kind of stuff that makes me laugh. Well I'm patiently awaiting your letters. Well summer is kind of winding down make the best of it girls. I need to work out today haha i had pizza today for the third time in the mission it was delicious. 150 pesos so sobrang expensive haha its like 3.5 bucks for americans. Well lexi im going to send you a surprise. Yes i know Elder Thompson. Well for the campbell kid...yeah an umbrella, only polyester ties, and start reading chapter 3 of preach my gospel haha. Haha my first day in manila was the craziest day of my life when I arrived. Bus accident, forced-fast all day, random pinoy taking my passport, losing my baggage, missing the van for urdaneta. Fun stuff. Someone really doesn't like elder savage and I. Well im thinking of new food ideas other than rice and meat, and pbj. I'm gonna try mac and hotdogs. I think we will see how long that goes. Maybe egg sandwhich. any ideas? Me and my comp are doing good work with the spirit. Here are the pictures...Love you all. never take the day off. 

~Elder Barney

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