Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello there,
Well i your letters made me laugh and then almost brought to tears. I really don't know what to say. Uncle Cecil was very nice us i remember him and i glad the funeral was upbeat despite the circumstances. I have emailed grandma and for me i can only do one thing i have taught faith and fasting to investigators for months now its time i practice what i teach in a very real way. Well this week has been good. I really like the work its really wet but im okay the spiders have left. The package hasnt got here yet im glad lexi got my letter. I hope you liked it lexi i know its not much, but i tried. Well i am teaching my first whole family. The whole family is baptized but momma is holding out. We are blessed to be teaching her now because before she has rejected so many missionaries, and im sure a lot of those who reject my will accept missionaries in the future just on gods timetable. Dad if you could find everything you know about raphael what his name was on earth as a person anything. Just curious. Im not studying deep doctrines in personal study strictly preach my gospel and teaching skills at ang aklat ni mormon. Anyways my companion elder cabautan is from makati his mom is single mom teacher he has one whole sister and many half siblings. anyways he was inactive before but he returned and he has been able to use his background in a way to relate to people im a white kid from usa and people have a very hard time relating me most people dont have both parents and werent born into the covenant and are very very poor. I have spent many nights pondering how can i relate to these people with such an upbringing. The other day with sister hipona i found part of the answer. Americans have a very hard time teaching for relevance because obviously we are in a foreign world with a culture that is very different. During, lesson one principle two, the gospel blesses families I could tell for her she was thinking why does it matter if im mormon with my family im a good catholic. With the help of the spirit i shared the love and beauty of your marriage how there is no vices, adultery, fighting, work interfering with family, and there is a sharing of the duties because of the principles of the gospel and that we are safely sealed as a family in the gospel. She is very interested in the temple sealing and it was the most exciting moment in the mission to be teaching a family that can one day be sealed and support each other. She just wont go to church but we are praying that she will feel in her heart that this skinny white kid and this chubby filipino are telling the truth :). 

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