Monday, December 3, 2012

I've been memorizing scriptures! And my Birthday dinner!

I have a feeling my emails are barely getting a passing grade im probably in the d range, so ill step it up today. We now have two IBD's. We got one dad through members, a faithful wife and family, prayer, and much fasting to give up his job as a neighborhood guard. They're called barangay tanods. This job required him to stay up all night with non mormons who to keep awake smoke drink and do other dumb stuff. When his family went inactive 3 of his kids weren't able to be baptized. One is 8 now so she will be baptized on the following saturday. The other two on jan 19 hopefully. Earlier like you dad i wanted a christmas baptism but this is all the lords planning. We're seeing some real growth and strength to the branch. Some dads are coming back that is growth to me, and its great to see. The brownies turned out great. The people were like so this is what a brownie tastes like. They have brownies here but it doesnt come close to betty crocker and stuff like that. I got two packages the package and the letters from the barneys, and the christmas package from the taylors. The package with the book hasn't come. But dont worry. I loved the letters and i got a real binder to organize all the letters so i dont just have to use a empty pillowcase in my luggage haha. I yelled "grandpa barney" maybe you remember writing that...I dont know if you heard me. I loved to read the letters. Brandon's letter was great i like tacos...i do too buddy so eat one for me because cousin taylor is in a place where they dont know what that is. Crazy that matt's passing the sacrament and mckenna is getting ready for those youth dances.  Cam and cecilia are doing good as well. My companion enjoyed the box. He wants to write grandma and grandpa taylor and thank them. When i saw the peanut butter i didnt know how he would take to it but he really likes it all and is very grateful. I was fed very well on my birthday. Lumpia with monggo beans inside with sili pepper sauce and adobo chicken. If you want the pictures from the birthday please add norial borlazza he is our branch mission leader on facebook he will send the pictures. O i forgot yes mckenna they know what the gangnam style is here. I was hoping that wasnt in the united states but it is huh? It hasnt rained here in months it feels like haha. I hope you have been saving my pictures because well my card is broken. I'll reformat it today so i can continue to take pictures. I have asked everyone its all good the really funny pictures from my birthday wont be seen in this life. I dont know about the skype ill ask him, so you probably have seen my first letter that i sent. So my departure date has been bounced back to the 25 of feb. Iguess i dont really care. Thanks for the pictures of the rabbit she is really fat. That's great...make her excercise though. Grandma taylor sent me a card that walks you through how to write a proper letter home. I left the card at home haha so this letter might not pass. I dont know what the christmas party for us will be like truthfully. All i know is it's in baguio thats the coldest part of the philippines and the best place to spend christmas in but the problem is its the 21 not the 25. I want to see the fireworks there. Im glad you got my letter mom i was worried it wouldn't get there. The lady at the post office hates me because i always opt for the cheaper mail option. They always assume i want the most expensive way which is irritating some times. Im getting good at memorizing scriptures. It's fun to do. So far the oath and covenant d and c section 4. moroni 6:4. doctrine and covenants 62:3. then im gonna try to memorize dc 121 some parts of it anyways it gives me something to do haha. Well i miss you all i had a funny dream the other night mom and dad were here and mom was mad at some other lady and wanted my airsoft gun to shoot them, but i used all the bb's so i got in trouble. Then i helped kylie draw a picture. I laughed at the kylie part because when i get home she isnt a baby not even close. Well i hope you have a great week and christmas season. ~Elder Barney   

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