Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

So you can call me whenever really. Maybe the best is when it's Christmas eve. The only requirements are that youre all together and are ready to talk. Well dad yeah there are a lot of things you could have said about the donkey. One that i just read is that the donkey is a symbol of peace. Even though jesus entered Jerusalem victoriously, he also came in peace the next time it wont be so. Happy birthday mom tomorrow wow. You were born in 1969 so that makes you??? haha I'll let you do the math.  Thanks for all the news truthfully this week has been hard. My record is still 10/10 months and i have worked everyday here in the mission field, but i have been very sick its gone now. I always get sick right before Christmas. Ideas about christ and christmas. Think about what the angels said to the shepherds in the field. We bring ye glad tidings or good news. Good news or the gospel of jesus christ. The priest was also shown the christ child. The wise men only people saw christ if they understood the spiritual mission of christ. Herod thought christ came to take away his kingdom, so he only thought of the savior just as all the jews thought of him. Only as the promised messiah who would be the one to come save them from the romans which he would if they would only accept them as the savior of their eternal salvation. The christmas story really is a celebration of the gospel of jesus christ. Well im sure you heard about the 1000+ people who died in mindanao down south. Luckily his family and members in Elder macabentas ward were not affected. This is the answer of president monahan to the dream of that less active that i shared.

Thanks. Yes, we would have called and we would have heard from his family or ward leaders. I like Luke for Christmas and for the great Christmas story it contains. Thanks for being a great trainer. That was an interesting dream. May the unwatered tree represents the Bible when people don't water it side by side with the second stick--the Book of Mormon. We must nourish both. Let me know when the IBDs are baptized. Thanks for all your good work!

Pres. Monahan

So yeah we're headed to baguio on friday. Uhm yes i have been transferred into a new district. in aringayso this transfer there are two firsts for me in the mission. Sisters in my district and an american zone leader. American zone leaders are rare. The christmas party here was a hit 120 or so went, but the following day in sacrament theattendance was probably 90. Those thirty people i assume were to too full to go to church or sick i hope. Well i have trained the branch clerk so we're cleaning the records i love watching the overhead drop. When i arrived 435 members and now only 379 so the sacrament attendance will go up and the home teachers, who are not many, have no excuse not to cover the branch. I finally got news from my last area in san quinton. It sounds like President Grande the former branch president got in a nasty accident and broke his legs bad. I feel bad for his familyThey are active and sealed and the mom is working abroad in hong kong. I hope they will be okay. 65 new elders and sisters come in januaryso I have the feeling I'll be training again. I dont know yet and i have no way of knowing until the day i get a call from urdaneta. 
Love Elder Barney

i really really like my presents!

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