Monday, December 10, 2012

I went to the Top of the World Today!

Well i went to the top of the world today.
I'll send you pictures. Only my companion and i made it to the top of the highest mountain. Here in Agoo there is a sacred catholic cross on top, and the others were so close but gave up. I tried to tell them it literally was only 7 minutes more. After an hour of tough hiking only 7 minutes more... I could turn this is into a great teaching experience, but i wont. I'll let you figure out how this story ties into the gospel. We then went and ate at a members house it was the zone activity today. I had fun i felt comfortable with the elders and it was great to forget the world for a second and be with them. I saw the pictures of lexi's winter formal. I'm going to sound bold but as an older brother im entitled to say this. I cant tell because of picture quality, but your dress is modest and you are beautiful. Lexi i want you to know that. I have never told this to you. Beauty is god given. Please dont ruin that. Dad i liked your picture...crazy! Dad "po" is a sign of respect. When you add it thats like him calling you "sir" I'm glad you talked with brother norial he has a lot of responsibility and i want to talk about him. When he was younger he converted for a girlfriend, but when they broke up he became inactive and moved to work in rosales pangasinan. When he returned the elders came to him and taught him and invited him to church. He came back instantly. Like it says in the scriptures and like joseph smith said when we have accepted the truth and turn from it we are harder, but he came back instantly. It's a miracle one in a thousand are like that expecially after a year of inactivity or something like that. When he came back he was made young mens leader at the age of 23, and he is now the branch mission leader as well. His aunts family is lds. His dad and mom separated because he dad did some dumb things. His mom and family wont listen to the missionaries, but they allow him to do what he wants. He works with the missionaries 2 times a week 2 pm until 9 ish. I want him to go on a mission, but the branch needs him so bad. He will get the melchezidek priesthood in december. I'm excited for him and hope he gets what he wants.....a temple marriage. Wow Dad you were picked as the donkey. I guess its a step up from santa. Pick your poison. I'm glad for your success at work, i wish i had been more vocal about my mission when i worked there at your office. I think that how i handled my mission before i came was okay. Dont over think it. Just jump into the cold water and before you know it...youre numb to the pain and are ready to swim to the edge and get out and you will be glad you did it. I want to email you my weekly letter to president alright:

Today was our zone activity it went well. We hiked to the cross there in agoo it was fun. Elder Macabenta made it all the way to the top. The others didnt they were to tired. Thanks for the info about christmas call thats fine with me i just wanted to know a head of time thank you. We had an interesting thing happen this week. One inactive lady when we asked her if she had prayed about the book of mormon told us a story.. she was reading back in the day in the war chapters of alma. While she was reading she thought to herself...did this really happen or in other words are the events in this book true. She asked heavenly father if so and right when she fell asleep this is what she saw. There was a burst of water out of the ground there was two trees in the path of this gushing stream. the water only hit one of the trees and didnt reach the other. One tree died and the other was healthy and green. Interesting i havent sat down to think it over. The training is going great he surprised me the other night. He really broke down a scripture in a very applicable and interesting way for one family i told him that he is now finally comfortable in teaching. He is very very smart. We are doing the 12 week program the part we liked this week was the video segments on prayer. Anyways he is doing good his family was near that bagyo that struck in mindanao and he has been worried this whole week. I feel bad for him and told him if there was a problem you would have called him by now and other missionaries said the same. So he has been alright no one really mailed him either. He said earlier i think its all good though. I'm studying in my personal study the life of the savior its something i do every december. I'm in matthew i just started and am trying to get as much as i can out of it. Thanks for all you do. My family is fine but ill tell them hi thank you. ~Elder Barney

His response to last weeks letter is here:

Congrats on your 2 IBDs. For Christmas, phone call only. For Mother's Day, probably Skype. Thanks for the member work and all your effort. How is your companion's training coming along? I am interested in that. Know that we love you. Say hi to your folks for us!

Pres. Monahan

So just a call for Christmas
I'm glad aaron got my letter. Yeah pacquio lostbut to the filipinos he still won. Its amazing how they feel like he won. If he hadnt been knocked out he would have one bypointsso in their minds he won. In some other parallel world where KO doesnt mean anything manny won.(?) And that parallel world is here in the pines. Our christmas party is on the 15. I'm doing okay. I love you all. I enjoyed the first presidencies devotional. Adios
~Elder Barney

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